My company can pay up to 1/3 of my gas bills tax-free, is that true?

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    My energy bills have soared since I started using a room in my home as the base for my company’s business, as I have to have the heating on all the time. I’ve heard that my company can pay up to 1/3 of my gas bills tax-free, is that true?


    Your company can pay you (as the company’s employee) £3 per week, £156 per year tax-free, for working at home and no evidence has to be provided to support that payment.
    If you can prove your heating bills increased because you heating the property while working there, when otherwise it would be empty and not heated, then your company can pay that extra heating cost to you tax-free. However, if the Taxman asks, you will need to provide copies of the gas bills for a period before you worked at home compared to a similar period when you have worked at home, to prove the increase in costs. The Taxman may also want to see a schedule of the days you work at home and days when you work at clients’ premises. This type of claim is referred to as ‘use of home as office’ which can also cover other costs incurred in running your business from home. Contact us for further guidance.

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