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Letter to businesses on workplace testing – more than 50 employees

In an effort to counter the spread of COVID-19, a letter has been issued by the Business Secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, to all businesses in England to register for free workplace testing kits for staff who cannot work from home.

He requested businesses to test their workforce who have not shown any symptoms, yet can be tested to cease the further spread to fellow workers and their families.

As 1 in 3 people carry the virus with them and can show no symptoms of it. They can unintentionally spread the virus without staying aware of it. In order to stop the spread, the government will be providing workplace testing services for the firms to test their employees.

The UK’s government has been providing lateral flow workplace testing kits for employers containing 50 or more employees to test their workforce who are unable to work from home and who are soon returning to their work when the economy re-opens as per the government’s plan announced on 22nd February.

These testing kits are free for the businesses until 30th June 2021 who have registered by 31st March 2021 at The Department for Health and Social Care will also support the testing facility along with private providers.

If a company has less than 50 employees, it can benefit from community testing. It is imperative to increase the testing service for those having no symptoms to stop the transmission chain.

Lateral flow tests have proved to be successful in detecting infectious patients and it’d further break the transmission chain. Businesses who are doing regular tests have found out positive results to abate further aggravation.




At last, he requested all the entrepreneurs and employees to test themselves for the cessation of the virus. He added that the large-scale testing of businesses will aid the government to vaccinate the whole British population. This step will revive the economy and recover the lives of common people from the Covid crises.


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