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Top Small Business Accounting Apps – Latest updates 2022

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the workload is usual if you are a business owner. The reason behind this is a receptive mind full of brilliant ideas and you actually need an action plan to earn a unique and productive name in the business world.

The question that arises here is what to do with all the super ideas to turn them into reality. There are millions of little but important tasks that squeeze your energies. In case you seek professional help that drains your business accounts. The good news that this post is holding is about Small Business Accounting Apps. There are several apps these days that can make your work-life simpler.

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A variety of tasks can be handled easily with these designed apps. Most of these apps charge a fee monthly or annually. For a specific time period, they offer a free trial version as well.


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Bookkeeping Software:

There were not enough handy apps available in the past that offered suitable services for small businesses. However, with the progress of the current era, hundreds of handy apps offer inexpensive services to make the work look easy. Even for small businesses and self-employed people, it has become easy to handle the records like bookkeeping and others in accounts.

Invoicing, payroll, and inventory are some of the prominent components focused in the list of apps. You can easily track your cash flow, your profits, and losses in the business. Some of the apps are even featured to keep the track of tax details and send you tax returns digitally.


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Comparison Softwares:

Accounting and computing come with complicated tasks to handle and they are time-taking as well. Several programs offer software to provide their services in smart packages. We will be looking at some of the best apps that come with catchy and doable offers.

Some accounting packages are cloud accounting software that works well with your PC. These days such programs are highly mobile-friendly which actually helps you to put your business in your pocket. Many of them offer paid subscriptions with a limited trial period. Once you try and intend to buy some specific tool for your business, ensure that the mentioned pricing often does not have VAT included.


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In this post, we will focus on Small Business Accounting Apps, which are a great resource for small business owners as well as entrepreneurs. Below is a detail of apps and how they are good for use.

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  • Quickbooks
  • Free Agent
  • Xero
  • Freshbooks
  • Sage Business Cloud Accounting



A cloud-based and earliest accounting software are the facts that make QuickBooks prominent. It is very commonly used among freelancers and self-employed people. The basic package is enough for freelancers whereas small business owners can use it for VAT and payroll. Reporting and monitoring tools are added as well. Quickbook app store offers you to be able to connect to around 700 other parties.

The subscription price starts from 8 pounds each month, sometimes this price is even reduced for the first six months. The packages for small businesses to meet the needs like VAT, payroll and digital tax, etc, packages usually start with 12 pounds. So this gives it prominence in the list of Small Business Accounting Apps.



Stuck with invoicing, expense management, or time tracking? The FreeAgent app is a Small Business Accounting App that has got you solutions. This app is famous among freelancers and small business owners. It focuses on managing the daily tasks of administration. The pricing starts at 19 pounds a month which makes it a little expensive in comparison to other apps like QuickBooks. However, it offers a fifty percent discount for the initial stage of use for six months.

It is able to keep a track of VAT and digital returns to HMRC for many years and make a successful history of being more and more popular every year.



In the competitive world of cloud accounting software, Xero is another big player with its own prominent feature to offer the best to business owners. Complicated names like inventory, payroll, invoicing and expense claims sound easy with the help of Xero.

Also in case you intend to import PayPal, credit card, or other data details, this app works best with Android and iPhone. The prices start with 10 pounds every month but at times during offers, it gets reduced as well. Like other apps, it offers VAT tracking and digital returns to HMRC as well.


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Sage Business Cloud Accounting:

Another prominent name among Small Business Accounting Apps, this accounting software offers everything that you can possibly expect including payroll, invoicing, and cash flow. Sage Business Cloud Accounting offers services at low pricing which is 12 pounds a month and like other apps offer discounts for a few initial months. Sage is now offering Digital Tax tracking as well.



Freshbooks is a cloud-based accounting app designed for freelancers and small business owners. It is known to be the most user-friendly app that handles the basic needs of accounting. Invoicing and expense tracking are much easier to handle with the services of Freshbooks. Paypal and Zendesk are also integrated with Freshbooks.

For the services offered by this Small Business Accounting App, you have to pay 11 pounds every month for a basic package with the name of lite. It further says that lite covers the usual basic needs of business owners. Free invoice templates are also offered by this app. Grab it now and see if it is suitable for your work needs.


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To sum up the discussion, we can say that time taking tasks in the past like invoicing, tax records and other calculations sound easier with the help of accounting apps. This is wise for self-employed individuals, freelancers, and small business owners to choose them according to their needs and be tech-savvy and smart in working. Meanwhile, this saved time can be used best in growing your name in the business world.

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