6 Tips to Increase the Odds that Your Startup Succeeds

Starting a business is not an easy prospect, and making sure that it succeeds is an even harder one. You have to look at many different things to ensure that your startup is successful. What separates successful companies from unsuccessful ones is the attitude and resilience of business owners.

In this post, you will learn some tips on how you can navigate through the startup process and make it succeed.


1. Have a Clear Vision


As a business owner, you need to have a clear and well-defined vision for your company. Every startup leader needs to have one that must be articulated right at the start. Your vision will be a major force behind the success of your company. It will serve as a compass that will point in the right direction.


2. Be Ready to Commit to Company


Remember that starting a company is not like having a regular job. If you want to drive your startup to success you need to remain flexible with your timing. You need to fit your life around the job instead of the other way around. This may seem contrary to the work-life balance mantra advocated by life coaches, but if you want to see your startup grow and succeed you need to be prepared to go over the 40 hours work week. On the positive note, once your startup is steadily sailing across business waters, you will need to give less time to work, and more time to live.


3. Efficiently Manage Resources


You need to manage your start up’s finance efficiently to ensure that it operates successfully. Make sure that you prepare a budget and avoid unnecessary expenses. When resources are limited at the start, it’s important to master the art of doing more with less.


4. Network


Networking is also important to accomplish important milestones for your startup. According to Clare Dreyer, a business coach and motivational speaker, a business relationship is the key to a successful company. You should get connected with influential and powerful people in the business. This will help you to more easily find angel investors for your startup.


5. Ensure Adequate Capital


Most startups fail not due to a lack of demand, but due to insufficient capital availability. Adequate capital is essential for the smooth running of the business. You need to know the platforms to raise funds for your startup. Platforms such as Crowdcube, Crowdfunder, and Kickstarter in the UK help startups to raise money from accredited investors — in some cases as quickly as 60 days.

Also, you should consult professional accountants for a startup to know how to best utilize limited capital. Startup accountants can provide you with valuable advice on how to select the best business format and also how to save on taxes. Accountants for a startup in London can help you prepare business plans, forecast cash flow, and make financial forecasts. This will ensure the effective utilization of startup funds resulting in a maximum benefit for the company.


6. Be Open to Change Plans


You need to assess the market and change the plans whenever required. Startups need to be flexible to the changing market conditions. You need to regularly assess the market and make changes accordingly. After defining the problem, it’s important to find out the market situation. You need to assess the following questions to find the right answers.

  • Who are the market competitors?
  • How is your solution different than the competitors?
  • Is the market shrinking or expanding? Is it large enough to sustain growth?
  • What is the consumer’s perception of your product services in comparison to the competitors? You should regularly talk to potential customers, analyze trends, and remain open to changing plans. It’s important to adapt to real-world situations to ensure that your startup is a success.


7. Assemble a Great Team


The success of your startup depends to a large extent on the commitment and skills of the team. Assembling a great team is, therefore, necessary to realize the startup’s vision.

Make sure that the right individuals are hired for the job. It’s essential to ensure that the experience as well as the personality of the individual syncs with the demand of the job. Consider hiring individuals who are passionate about the role as they are more likely to give their best despite all hurdles and challenges. They may even require less motivation to continuously deliver the best work.

In the end, remember that success depends on a combination of hard work and perseverance. It’s important to banish self-doubt and focus on making your startup a success.

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