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While your accounting business is evolving, more enhancements are needed for its further expansion. ‘Pay as You Grow’ sales model serves this purpose by scaling, customizing and boosting the digital resources of your business at the right time. As you can’t predict the future needs of your business when it’s growing rapidly, it’s advisable to plan it beforehand to secure the future of your accounting business. PAYG model allows you to deploy tailored solutions for organised business growth.

With the PAYG model, you can customise to level up your business package after reaching a certain milestone. If your package up-gradation is scheduled beforehand with a predetermined limit of actions, your package would be automatically upgraded. 

Suppose you currently hold the basic package and need 1000 actions to subscribe for the second package. After reaching the limit, your package would be automatically upgraded from Bronze to Silver. Here actions refer to a visit, click, lead or purchase. With each upgradation, the service charges of additional features would be lower than the preceding one.

Pay as you grow
Pay as you grow

Why PAYG is important?

Pay as you grow is best for your accounting business as it provides you:

Pay As You Grow - Process

To fulfil the growing needs of your accounting business for its smooth progression, Accotax helps you to:

Pay as you grow
Pay as you grow

Why Accotax for PAYG?

Accotax’s PAYG plan guarantees our commitment to flourish your accounting business with a customized budget plan. With this, we can track your business data that matches your business needs. It is affordable, flexible and easy to use. This pricing model allows you to make flexible payments as per your growth. 

To maximize the campaign results, our team will provide you with responsive telephone, email and live support when required. We will leave no stone unturned to resolve any issue regarding the campaign.  

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