Accountants for SPV's

Accountants For SPV’s Companies

What is an SPV company?

SPV is an abbreviation of a Special-purpose Vehicle (SPV), Such companies are set up for special purposes such as buying a property, Starting a specific venture, or setting up an investment company for a special purpose.

Due to section 24 interest restriction on property loans, the majority of the people in the UK are setting an SPV to buy the properties as interest as an allowable expense under the limited company. 

If you’re planning to set up an SPV, or already have an SPV and would like us to manage the company for you, our accountants for SPV’s can help you.

While choosing an SPV accountant in London, Kindly ensure you are working with a qualified accountant in London, as there are different disclosure requirements under FRS102 and FRS 105. 

Setup an SPV in no time

Setting up a Limited company is very easy in the UK, but setting up an SPV can be complicated as you have to choose the right S.I.C code to qualify for lenders’ requirements. Therefore, our accountants for SPV in the UK can help you from the beginning and will ensure you are on the right track from day one.  Setup the company yourself. We only charge £100 plus vat to set up an SPV for the UK residents, Get in touch with us to find out more. 

Tax Benefits

There are several tax benefits available, e.g

Professional Accountants

As experienced SPV accountants in London, we closely work with many landlords and have helped them to set up SPV. If you are looking to buy the properties under a limited company, we can assess your personal circumstances/tax position and can guide you in the right direction. our compliance-only prices for SPC start from only £45 plus vat /month. Please visit our pricing page to find out more from accountants from SPV’s in London.

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