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Accounting and Tax Services for High Net Worth Individuals

Wherever there is more wealth, there’re more financial complications associated. To manage the financial issues of high net worth individuals, high calibre expertise and experience is required in the field. 

Today, the investments options of high net worth individuals are not the same as they used to be. In addition to stocks and bonds, they have started investing in private equity funds, oil and gas industries and overseas. Foreign investment requires additional reporting of foreign assets. Besides, there are a lot of recent changes in the tax laws affecting the tax payments of high net worth individuals. These investment options lead to intricate tax issues for which deep insight on tax planning and reporting is needed to reduce your annual tax burden. 

For this reason, the finances of highly successful individuals, families and businesses demand specialized accounting and taxation services compared to normal accounting practices. Unlike ordinary taxation services, the tax responsibilities of high net worth individuals are often complex and time-taking. Without effective management of wealth and guidelines of certified accountants, affluent individuals pay more in taxes over the absolute amount. 

That’s why we are here!

Whether you’re a high profile professional, executive, business owner, estate trust, affluent family or private entity, we offer top-notch accounting and taxation services for managing, protecting and boosting your financial wealth.

Why Accotax?

Accotax has been serving high net worth individuals and entities for over three decades.

We are well versed with complex financial issues faced by high taxpayers. Our services are not confined to a certain time limit, but we provide year-round financial services for you. Along with preparing your annual tax return and financial statements, we provide inclusive packages tailored to your financial needs. 

We go beyond the limits to maximize your savings. 

Our Services

Our services for high net worth individuals include:

  • Cash flow reports
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Investment for tax purposes
  • Estate planning 
  • Retirement planning
  • Investment planning
  • Consultancy services

Feel free to contact one of our CPAs to discuss your financial needs. We’d listen to your queries to provide you with insightful consultation and customized accounting and taxation services for your bright financial future. 

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