the Impact of Brexit

All You Need to Know About the Impact of Brexit on Your business

Things are not yet fully clear with regards to UK and EU trade even though we are into 2021. There are still questions about what will happen now. The impact of Brexit is big in UK.

Until now, businesses are used to the free movement of goods between the EU and the UK. The hospitality industry is fearing that they will not be able to recruit employees from the EU. Traders are worried about the possible delays of the goods on ports.

The impact of Brexit is long term. We will evaluate the direct effects of Brexit on your business.


Marketplace and commercial issues

We are into the start of the new year and many businesses are already feeling the heat as a result of Brexit. Businesses are witnessing a change in the labor market. Currency is also experiencing the impacts of Brexit. Supply chains of certain goods will surely experience hurdles. So, businesses will have to go through some hard initial months.


Legal and regulatory uncertainty

New regulations are replacing the EU laws and this will affect future trade agreements. Businesses are also facing legal uncertainty.  Although, the UK government has introduced a trade transition period until July 1st 2021.


What is the Impact of Brexit  on Supply chain 

Due to the new border regulations, the supply chain will get hurt. New tariffs and duties are in place. Until an agreement is reached between the EU and UK, the goods will be treated under non-EU import regulations which means higher security checks and duties.


Border issues

If the free trade agreement is not reached between the EU, the goods trade will continue under the World Trade Organization (WTO) terms. The UK may go for individual agreements with EU countries. This will affect the cross-border transit due to different dealings at the border.


Tariff and trade requirements

Importers and exporters who only deal with EU products will need to adapt to new regulations. Their products will be treated like other non-EU countries. They will have to incorporate new measures to deal with imports.

They will have to adapt the software to access the CHIEF system which is for custom return declaration. Under the trade transition period, they will get some months to prepare. Still, this will impact the businesses.


Human resource requirements

EU citizens working in the UK may face difficulties. They may have to fulfill additional requirements to travel, work, and reside in UK.


Sources of funding

Brexit transition time is over and it means no more EU funding. This will change some administrative requirements.


Brand names and design rights

Brexit will change the right laws. Previously, traders enjoying rights laws for trademark/ designs will need to reapply separate UK rights laws. The existing one will change.


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