can HMRC chase me abroad

I Don’t Live in the UK, Why is HMRC Chasing me?

Are you the one who is planning to move abroad and wondering ‘can HMRC chase me abroad’ once you are moved? Far and wide, it has been observed as a common fear amongst people. Well, the answer is yes, HMRC can approach you wherever you are liable to pay the tax bills. According to the records, 1700 freelancers were approached by HMRC in 2019, they were told to be fined with hefty charges and penalties if they plan not to declare their income and escape from the tax bills.

An amount of £85 million was owed by these freelancers collectively. If you know someone who is fitted in the above-mentioned scenario, here is the guide to help them with the circumstances. All of your frequently asked questions like how can HMRC will approach you if you are moved abroad, how much information HMRC have, or what HMRC want from you in his case.


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How Does HMRC Do it?

Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty helps HMRC which will be done by the foreign authorities if your information and work details are required for the tax bills. So ensure that there is no escape from the tax bills. This comes under the case of criminal investigation as well. You better be aware of the process that leaving the UK without clearing the tax bills will be treated as a criminal case.

HMRC can chase you whether you are overseas or anywhere else, however, there is no chance of enforcing the rules and regulations of tax according to UK law in any other country. Foreign authorities will act like their rules and set of laws for tax.


Can HMRC Chase me Abroad?

Schedule 36 notice is the way out that HMRC will follow to approach the people who are settled in Dubai or overseas. In 2002, there was a case when an individual did not make the tax bill payment and moved to Cyprus. HMRC approached him in the year 2016 and demanded some of the financial details, the aim was to scrutinise.

HMRC can demand a timeline of visits, financial details, and bank statements. In some of the cases, people tend to make appeals to the tax tribunal and win the case of not being a resident of the UK as well as the wrong allegations. However, HMRC does not give up and strikes back with an appeal. To which the court allows it to enquire about the tax law. This is not the case for breaching the revenue rule.


How Much Does HMRC Know About People Who are Not in the UK?

Usually, HMRC can connect with the wealth of taxpayers whether it is declared or undeclared through sophisticated software. You might wonder about the validity of the suspicion of HMRC about the wrongdoings of people. An estimated figure is 50,000 which is undergoing the enquiry of tax bills every year by HMRC. The government can connect over a hundred countries to get the financial details and other required information of you.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about ‘can HMRC chase me abroad’, we can say that if you have an idea of any kind of ending tax payments, get in touch with HMRC as soon as possible. Do not seek ways to escape from the tax bills, as you will be caught later or sooner. You will have to pay the tax and the heavy amount of fines and other penalties. Do not plan to leave it on a chance or get involved in any kind of tax fraud with HMRC. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you to develop a better understanding of how HMRC can approach you if you have not paid the tax bills even if you are no more residing in the UK.


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