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Celebrity Tax Evasion – The Real Reason It’s So Common

Most of you may think that being a high earner does not bother to pay that heavy amount of tax payments, right? The fact is that you are a high earner because you are a sports person, musician, or actor will get you to fall into the high tax brackets. This makes celebrity tax evasion a common escape from the tax liabilities for the people who have to pay heavy tax bills. You often hear in the news about celebrity tax evasion. The reason behind this act going so common amongst this class could be multiple tax problems.

There are hundreds of such tax evasion scandals found in the UK alone. HMRC put several of these celebrities in hot water against tax evasion and relevant scandals. Do you wonder about the common reasons behind the tax evasion scandals of celebrities? If yes, we have got you covered here. As this guide will help you to develop an understanding of how celebrities tend to pay taxes, some common tax evasion scandals in the UK and why are celebrities involved in the tax evasion scandals.


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Celebrity Tax Evasion – How Do Celebrity Pay Taxes?

One of the most frequently asked questions is that are celebrities treated differently in the matter of tax payments in comparison to other individuals who are high earners. There is no such exception to the case of celebrities’ tax payments. They are required to do the self-assessment tax returns the same way, as well as the deadlines, are the same serious thing to them as they are to any other citizen. CGT, national insurance, and income tax are the must tax payments for the celebrities as well.

The only difference that makes them prominent is that they have developed their assets in multiple countries and they are just super busy handling it on their own. So this makes them here the bookkeepers or the professionals to handle their tax affairs and other relevant requirements. One thing that is equally obvious in their case is the reason for being unable to declare all of the income to HMRC or the errors in filing the tax returns. HMRC gives a very slim margin in such cases. If you find any such blunder in the process you will be in trouble.


Celebrity Tax Evasion – The Famous Scandals

There are a number of scandals that went viral in the UK about the tax evasion of celebrities. This includes the names of multiple politicians who add not treat the value of the threshold well and could not calculate that they wirer exceeded the limit of the threshold, he failed to declare his exact income to HMRC and faced serious consequences including hefty fines and other penalties in 2011.

The other case is about one of the famous media presence, who availed the offshore wealth management scheme in the year 2012. Out of all the earnings, the celebrity was able to pay only 1% off tax. This made him caught in serious trouble and consequences later.


What are the Reasons for Celebrities’ Involvement in Tax Evasion?

Are you wondering about the reasons for tax evasion by now? There are multiple reasons for the involvement of celebrities in such schemes and tax evasion. The prominent and possible reasons are listed for your understanding:

  • One of the most common reasons is that the celebrities are so over occupied that they do not get enough time to keep a track of their exact earning calculation and they are unable to follow the relevant tax responsibilities.
  • Due to a busy schedule, celebrities do not get spare time to keep a track of their tax affairs well in time and tend to miss the factor of accuracy and deadlines.
  • The accountants and other advisers that the celebrities tend to hire for the purpose of tax calculations do not do the job well and end up being in hot water by the serious circumstances of HMRC visit.


Declare Your Earnings if You are a High Earner

As you realise that you are now falling in the category of high earners you are now associated with the high tax papers class as well. You need to keep a track of your information and declare this to let HMRC know and update your information. This will allow HMRC to charge you the right amount of tax in the bills.

The online calculators are a great help in this case, this will allow you to calculate in an error-free manner. You can always reach out to the professional if you find yourself in a position to be stuck in tax problems. This will help you to get instant solutions and submit an error-free tax detail. This will keep you protected from any serious consequences in the future. Also, you will not pay any extra amount in form of hefty fines or other tax penalties.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about celebrity tax evasion, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. We can say that the tax evasion involvement of celebrities is normally due to the overburdened schedules that do not allow them to spare time for keeping a track of their tax liabilities. In other cases, the bad advice of their accountants and other professionals will also get them in trouble and become one of the reasons to tax evasion. We hope these few minutes of reading have helped you to develop a better understating of tax evasion reasons by celebrities and how to sort them out if you are one of them.


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