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Financial Challenges of a SAAS Business and How to Resolve Them

SaaS businesses have revolutionised not only the software industry but the UK economy as a whole. This has led to the emergence of complex tax systems and other challenges that require professional accounting services. Join us as we explore the financial challenges of a SAAS business and how to resolve them.

In this blog, we will look at 6 financial challenges of a SAAS business and provide you with an effective way to counter them. In addition, we will provide you with the benefits of acquiring specialised accounting services as a SAAS business. Let’s begin!


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6 Financial Challenges of a SAAS Business

Following is a list of challenges that SAAS businesses face on a regular basis in the UK. Read these challenges till the end to understand why you might need to partner with a reliable accounting agency.


1. Recognising Revenue

SAAS businesses are a bit complex. Unlike traditional businesses, they charge their clients for different timely subscriptions. These can be weekly, monthly, or yearly. Therefore, it becomes difficult to recognise revenue. You have to keep track of when the payment is due and record it at that time to avoid complications.


2. Advanced Payments

Most SAAS companies receive their payments in advance for a service that will be delivered in the near future. This also leads to jumbled accounts and cluttered financial statements. To ensure that your statements are accurate and efficient, you need to have a reliable accounting team in your industry.


3. Accrued Liabilities

In addition, these businesses often incur expenses that are not yet paid. These are the liabilities of the firm that it will pay over time. The difference between when the service is acquired and when it is paid for requires careful handling.


4. Cost vs. Asset Recognition

Among the financial challenges of a SAAS business is identifying your costs and assets. There are some expenses for research and development purposes that cannot be accounted for as expenses. Therefore, you need a team of financial experts who can differentiate between costs and assets.


5. Complex Tax Structures

Another major problem that UK SAAS businesses face is complex tax structures. In addition, there are many other tax credit schemes that you could become a part of, but only if you have the relevant knowledge.


6. Revenue Allocation for Multiple Deliverables

SAAS businesses provide a variety of services that have to be accounted for in different ways. This also requires allocating revenue for each element based on its price. Hence, without accounting expertise, you could end up merging your revenues or double-counting them.


How to Counter These Financial Challenges?

If you are running a SAAS business in the UK, you already have too much on your plate. To keep your books in order, you can either hire accountants or outsource them to a reliable agency. Hiring accountants requires looking for someone with the right skills and relevant experience. In addition, it can be costly; therefore, we recommend outsourcing your accounting needs to a reliable partner.


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Benefits of Acquiring SAAS-Specific Accounting Services

It has been well established that SAAS businesses require seamless and reliable accounting services. If you want to reduce your costs, it is always better to outsource the work to a third party that has relevant industry experience. Following are some additional benefits of hiring SAAS-specific accounting services:

  • Ensure that you are following all of the relevant regulations while maintaining your financial statements.
  • You never have to worry about fines from regulatory bodies with accurate financial statements.
  • Get the best financial advice that aligns with the recent trends and challenges of the SAAS industry.
  • Plan your taxes and tax returns ahead of time to make informed decisions that transform your business.
  • Predict your future earnings, costs, and revenues with accuracy for enhanced financial management.


A Quick Summary

The financial challenges of a SAAS business are unique to the industry and require a thorough understanding. You may encounter problems such as difficulty recognising revenue, costs, and assets. In addition, due to advanced and deferred payments, you need to maintain your books to adjust to the appropriate timing. If these challenges are not addressed timely, it may result in huge fines.

To counter these challenges, we recommend partnering with an accounting firm that understands the SAAS industry. Opting for SAAS-specific accounting services gives you an edge and allows you to make timely decisions. In addition, it provides you with accurate management of your finances while giving you the space to grow.


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