Company Share Option Plans

Tax-advantaged Company Share Option Plans (CSOP)

A Company Share Option Plan (CSOP), is commonly used by companies in order to ensure that the market value of the company grows. It also has the purpose to have the selection of executive directors. The good news is that there are no national insurance contributions (NICs) or any tax charged on the possible profits after exercising the options.

Normally it takes three years to occur and it depends on your circumstances as well. In this guide, we will try to cover the possible and relevant factors that will help to know when is the right time for CSOP and how can your company qualify as per the required standards.


Appropriate Time for Company Share Option Plan (CSOP)

Talking about the introduction of the Company Share Option Plan (CSOP), it is considered to be a discretionary plan. This allows the companies to have director executives as well as the employees of choice for the work benefits. This factor makes it a different plan than others where all the individuals who are eligible for employees and director’s criteria are supposed to participate and be invited.

Moreover, the company can decide if it desires to operate CSOP on the employees. It is allowed for an individual to hold the shares with the market value rates when it is the date of grant. It is important to know that the set limit is considered because anything above the limit will not be entertained.

If an individual intends to exercise in tax-advantaged circumstances, the value increase in the shares will be free of tax and national insurance contributions. In the case of such companies that are too large and do not have a qualifying factor to avail the option can get benefits if they deal it as an employee’s remuneration arrangements under the Company Share Option Plan (CSOP).


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How To Qualify Tax-advantaged Option Under Company Share Option Plan (CSOP)

Each company wishes to find simple ways so that it can qualify for the tax-advantaged options under CSOP. To ensure the grants, the company should check if it is a listed company. In the case of unlisted companies, there is a condition of being totally an independent company that is not handled or controlled by the other companies.

However, a corporate trustee is an exception in this case.

Furthermore, certain conditions must be fulfilled for the issuance of shares under CSOP. This includes the following:

  • The companies should not be redeemable and must be paid fully.
  • The company must make a part of the ordinary share capital.


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Standard Requirements for The Option

Just like any other grant process, there are a few sets of requirements for the share options as well. The prominent ones include the following:

  • There should be an exercise price for the share option and this must be equal to or above the market value of shares at the required date.
  • There is no discount offer given under the Company Share Option Plan (CSOP).

Moreover, The option is good and beneficial for employees and it gives an increase in share value between the time period of the grant date and the exercise date. It is when the employee actually exercises their option under CSOP.


Wrapping Up

The discussion of the Company Share Option Plan (CSOP) is coming towards wrapping up as the relevant information is gathered and discussed well. To get the most benefit from the options CSOP offers in tax-advantaged treatments, it is suggested to exercise the option after three years of the grant date.

There are some exceptions and it varies depending on the circumstances. It is important to note that the tax legislation does not require it but after the grant date, give it a time period of three years or more to exercise the option under CSOP.


Disclaimer: The information about Company Share Option Plan (CSOP) in this article is general in nature and does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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