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For enhancing the scope of our accounting & bookkeeping services and saving your time to avoid the hassle of paperwork during the process of traditional record-keeping, Accotax has now upgraded to a digitally savvy method with online cloud accounting software Dext and have expert team of Dext accountants London for your help.

This software allows you to send your transactions directly to your accounting system by capturing and storing receipts, invoices and other documents that your business needs. In this way, it saves your valuable time and ensures accuracy, safety and efficiency during the bookkeeping process.

For this reason, our bookkeepers and Dext accountants London are here to manage everything on your behalf so that you can focus more on your business growth.

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Why Use Dext?

Are you fed up with the traditional ways of keeping accounts due to the manual paperwork and data entry involved? Turn to Dext!

This software uses the latest optical character recognition technology that captures the data from invoices, receipts and turns it into a digital format allowing you to easily upload it to your accounting software. The easy submission process avoids the hassle of collecting the papers to provide them to your bookkeeper. As with Dext, you no longer need it.

The best part of this cloud application software is it perfectly integrates with the world’s top accounting, payroll and payment software from desktop to mobile satisfying the needs of a large number of clients.

Dext saves around three hours per week of your admin and paperwork. So, by using it, our Dext accountants London at Accotax will better manage and analyse your financial records.

Our Dext Accounting Services

If you’re using Dext accounting software for keeping your accounts, then it is better to contact our Dext accountants at Accotax to do the rest of the toil for you.

We have a large number of clients who’re using cloud-based software, including Dext, for record-keeping that ensures accuracy and reliability of your data with one of the best paperless bookkeeping software.

Here is the list of services that we offer. We’ll:

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So if you want to record and store your receipts and invoices efficiently, use Dext. And get in touch with our Dext accountants London at Accotax to fulfil all your bookkeeping, accounting, taxation and payroll needs.

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