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Claim Meal Expenses for Self-Employed

If you are among self-employed individuals you must know that you can claim a few allowances and food allowance for self-employed is one of them. Yes, you heard it right, the money you have spent on your food can be claimed back. Food allowance for self-employed is considered a business expense. While you are preparing to submit your self-assessment tax returns, you can claim these food expenses as well. However, several people confuse this claim with getting the expenses of everything that they eat. This is a misunderstanding as it is not possible to claim for the food expenses that you spent on just any food item.

Due to the frequently asked queries about food expenses and what can be successfully claimed for self-employed individuals, we have got you covered in this article. You will be able to gather knowledge about everything that you need to know about self-employed meal expenses. Further in the discussion of this article, you will get to know about what are self-employed expenses, how they work, what are the rules to claim food expenses, and what if you are travelling.


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How Do Self-Employed Expenses Work?

When you are the one who is offering services as a self-employed worker, you are the boss of multiple factors in your work journey. You are the one who is liable to declare your income stream to HMRC by getting in touch straight. You will have the responsibility to submit your tax returns and handle all the tax-related matters on your own, however, in some cases when the tax matter becomes complicated, people tend to seek help from tax advisors as well.

When it comes to the discussion of your business expenses, you are advised to be as organised as possible. There should be a record maintained that can help to go through the monthly business expenses as well as the yearly. So it is imperative for you to keep a track of your tax year and maintain the resort accordingly. This will help you to make business expense deductions from your overall income. This is a piece of good news for you that you are allowed to do that. This will further help to reduce your tax bills. Because after the deductions you will have to pay tax only on your profits instead of the overall income.


What are the Rules to Claim Food Allowance for Self-Employed?

Many of you might already know that being a self-employed individual allows you to claim the business expenses that you incur for the sake of work. A few years ago there was no such thing approved by HMRC that self-employed individuals could claim the expenses or the amount of money spent on food and drink during business trips. The only expense that was considered if only the trip is an overnight stay.

The main rule is to claim the expenses related to the business purpose, only then it will be a successful claim if the attached pieces of evidence prove the purpose as well. This depends on the nature of your business which might change the level of rules and complications in the process. If you are a sole trader or a limited company, the scenario will be totally different for you. The expenses of food and drink are tricky to handle because you need that all the time during a trip unless the claim has enough pieces of evidence.


What are the Food and Drink Expenses During Travel?

When it comes to a night out stay for the sake of a business trip, it is allowed for you from HMRC can claim the money that you have spent on your food and drink during the stay. However, there are a few points to consider that will make you eligible to claim the amount you have spent on drinks and food for the business trip away from your home. These are listed below:

  1. You should be an overnight stay for the purpose of a business meeting.
  2. The place you are travelling to is not a regular travelling place and should be solely for business purposes.
  3. The food and drinks expenses that you are about to claim should include the reasons for business travel only.


Learn What You Can Claim

Sometimes the situation can get a bit confusing because the travel journey for the businessman because it has unique requirements. It always varies from one business trip to another for different people. You can always seek the help of an expert to meet your individual needs to make you understand the claim requirements and what business expenses can be successfully claimed. There are several accredited accountants that can help and meet your unique requirements. Your tax allowances and business expenses are well sorted out in this manner.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about food allowance for self-employed, we can say that it is not a complicated process to claim the food and drinks expenses when you are on a business trip. However, there are a few conditions that you will have to keep in mind to make it a successful claim and to be eligible for the claim. However, when it turns complicated because of the unique requirements, it is wise to always reach out to an expert to meet the criteria. Your needs and requirements for the claim will be well handled in that case. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you to develop a better understanding of food and drink expenses and how to claim successfully.


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Disclaimer: The information about the food allowance for self-employed provided in this blog includes text and graphics in general. This does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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