Increase in National Insurance Tax

How Will the Increase in National Insurance Tax Affect You?

When the national insurance bills observe up and down fluctuations, you will be affected and it depends on how much you earn. Now the changes that are implemented from July 2022, the individuals who earn on a low level will be able to save. On the other hand, the high earners will tend to fork out a bit more in comparison to 2021-22 implications. Millions of people will observe an increase in their take-home pay after the national insurance changes are implemented. In this article, you will get to know about the increase in national insurance tax and how it will affect you.


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What is National Insurance?

National insurance refers to the kind of tax that is paid by employers and employees on their earnings. Self-employed individuals are supposed to pay national insurance on the business profits that they are making. National insurance was approved in the year 1911. The aim was to support the people who were struggling with finding a job and needed help with medical treatment. Afterward, it started to fund the state pension along with other such contributions and benefits.

It is allowed the government to take the amount of money from national insurance to support other such projects. Moreover, contributions like national insurance are valid for people who are above the age of sixteen and not getting retirement benefits as yet. The four types of national insurance are listed below:

  • Class 1 – It is payable by employers and employees.
  • Class 2 – It is a flat rate that is payable by self-employed individuals.
  • Class 3 – This includes the voluntary contributions by people who are under no obligation to pay NI.
  • Class 4 – If the self-employed business profits go above a certain level, this type of national insurance is payable.


The Increase in National Insurance Tax Rates- How Will it Affect you?

After the start of the new tax year on the 6th of April, the implementation of the new national insurance tax rate is mandatory for the workers. The rise in national insurance contributions for workers is between 12% to 13.25%. For people who are making an earning above the amount of £4,189 in a month will have to pay the increased percentage of 3.25% from the 6th of April in the current tax year.

The good news for the employees is that this increased rate was only valid till the end of June. Once the threshold of national insurance increases in July, you are free for the less national insurance contribution. From July, the threshold for national insurance is now the same as the income tax threshold. If you are making an earning that is below the amount t of £12,570, you will not have to pay income tax or national insurance.


How to Measure National Insurance Rates With the NI Calculator?

Several workers in the UK are observing an increase in the rates of national insurance during this tax year but the pay increase was also observed from July because of the lower NI rates again. The free national insurance calculation can be a help if you want to have a clear idea about how the changes in the national insurance rates have affected you in the previous months after the new tax year started.

To initiate the process of calculation using the free online calculator, all you need to do is to enter the amount of your salary in the box. This will help you to identify how the changes have affected you in a monthly, weekly or annually take-home slaty package.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about the increase in national insurance tax, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. We can say that the new rates introduced at the beginning of this tax year have affected the employees and employers a lot. Especially the ones who are earning more from the job had to pay quite an increased amount of money in the form of national insurance contribution. However, this was only applicable till the end of July. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you to develop a better understanding of the increased rates and how can they affect you.


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