Can I Reclaim VAT on Car Parking Charges Without a VAT Invoice?

Can I reclaim VAT on car parking charges without a VAT invoice?

Yes, you can if your VAT on car parking is under £25, apart from on-street meter parking which is outside the scope of VAT. In addition, no VAT invoice is required to reclaim VAT on single transactions under £25 for any of the following…

  1. Phone calls from public or private telephones.
  2. Purchases from coin operated machines.
  3. Road tolls.

When Can I Reclaim VAT on Parking?

Parking VAT can be reclaimed when:

  • You park your business vehicle in a car park.
  • You park your customer’s vehicle in a car park.
  • You park your vehicle to attend a business meeting.
  • You park an employee’s car for business travel.

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