Do I have to Include the Incapacity Benefit Received on my Tax Return?

I was in a serious accident in early 2007 and haven’t worked since, but I’ve been sent a tax return to complete for 2007/08. Do I have to include the incapacity benefit I received on my tax return form?


Some types of incapacity benefit are taxable and some are not. The long term benefit (paid after 28 weeks), and the higher rate of the short term benefit are both taxable. The Benefits Agency will normally take the tax due of the gross benefit before they pay the net amount to you, based on your PAYE code, just as if the benefit was a normal wage. If you don’t know exactly what amounts were paid to you and what tax was deducted during the year to 5 April 2008, ask the Benefits Agency to confirm the figures. They will normally do this over the phone, but they should put it in writing if you request that.

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