Does My Company Have to Pay NIC on Outstanding Debt Exceeding £10,000?

Q. My Company Regularly Pays Expenses on my Behalf which I Later Reimburse the Company for, I have a Variable Outstanding Debt with the Company During the Year. I‘ve Read that if the Total of that Debt Exceeds £10,000 at any Point the Company has to Pay NIC at 13.8% on the Entire Amount. Is that Correct?

A: The company has to pay NIC at 13.8% on the value of the deemed interest on the outstanding debt, which is treated as a taxable benefit for you, assuming you don‘t actually pay interest on that debt.

While the total debt is less than £10,000 there is no taxable benefit in kind, so its only periods during which the debt exceeds £10,000 when the nominal interest needs to be calculated at the official rate (currently 2.25%).

If the debt was £12,000 for 3 months, the benefit in kind would be: (2.25% x 12,000) x 3/12 = £67.50. As a 40% taxpayer you would pay tax of £27. The company would pay NIC at 13.8% on £67.50 = £9.32.



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