January Key Tax Dates 2021

1 – Due date for payment of Corporation Tax for accounting periods ending 31 March 2020

– Electronic VAT return and payment due for quarter ended 30 November 2020

14 – Filing deadline for form CT61 to report interest payments in quarter ended 31 December 2020

14 – Deadline for employers to make a claim for furlough days in December.

19/22 – PAYE/NIC, student loan and CIS deductions due for month to 5/1/2021

29 – Deadline for filing claim for third Self-Employment Income Support Scheme.

31 – Electronic filing deadline for 2019/20 self-assessment returns for individuals, partnerships and trusts. Payment deadline for any balance of liability from these returns, and any first payment on account due for 2020/21

31 – Standard deadline for amending 2018/19 returns. Also, last date to file overdue 2018/19 return without incurring a minimum penalty of £300, and last date to pay any tax for 2018/19 overdue before incurring a further 5% penalty



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