Can a Scanned Signature Be Used on Form 64-8 for CIS?

Q: Our Accountant has Asked We Complete a Paper 64-8 Authorising them to Act as their Agent for the Construction Industry Scheme. Can they Include a Scanned Picture of my Signature on the Form or Do I have to Physically Sign it?

A: If it’s on paper, you need to sign the form. HMRC call this a ‘wet’ signature as opposed to a digital one that could be used if you completed the form online. Maybe ask if they have an online service account so you can complete the 64-8 online and use your digital signature. In this digital world, it is, perhaps, surprising that there are only 3 online forms where you can use the digital signature – the 64-8, the P87 (for expenses) and the Marriage Allowance claim form.



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