What to Show on Invoices for Café Business if VAT Number Delayed?

Q. I have Applied to Register my Café Business for VAT from 1 July, but the VAT Number hasn’t Arrived. What Should I Show on Invoices from that Date?


  • You should charge your customers the basic price plus 20% VAT from 1 July, but you can’t show the VAT amount separately on the invoice. As you are a retail business, and your individual invoices are likely to be £250 or less (including VAT) you are not required to issue full VAT invoices. You should issue simplified VAT invoices, which must include the following:
    • Your business name and address
    • VAT registration number (say ‘VAT number applied for’ until you get it)
    • date of the sale
    • description of the goods or services supplied;
    • total amount payable including VAT;
    • for each rate of VAT chargeable, the gross amount payable including VAT; and
    • the VAT rate applicable.



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