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PAYE Problems of Casual Workers

HMRC regularly raises questions regarding casual workers and their payment (or not!) through the PAYE system.

Getting this wrong can cost a lot in the form of arrears for PAYE problems going back 6 years as well as interest and penalties.

Who is a Casual Employee?

The word “casual employee” has a specific meaning as far as HMRC is concerned.  A casual employee is someone taken on for no more than one week and not taken on again in the same tax year. Therefore, if someone is employed for 8 days or 1 day earlier in the year and 5 days later in the year, they are not a casual employee, and the PAYE system must be operated. If they are HMRC casual workers and they earn less than the PAYE casual labour threshold, you just need to keep a record of what you paid them and their name and address.

PAYE Problems of Casual Workers

However, even if they are casual workers and the payment of the wages exceeds the PAYE threshold, a deduction working sheet needs to be prepared and PAYE applied accordingly. There will also be a tax on casual wages. In addition, a BR or emergency tax code should also be applied.

Please note that there are special rules for farmers and migrant workers.


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