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What are the Most Tax-Efficient Investments in the UK?

It is imperative to know what are the tax-efficient options to make the most from investments in the UK. There are several people around who are inclined towards making investments or aim to pool in for the sake of saving, however, they are not well aware of the facts and about the days that are tax efficient. This puts them in a situation that is not as beneficial as finding facts about some other tax-efficient ways. So this comprehensive guide is based on the queries that are frequently asked about what are the most tax-efficient investments in the UK. Let us kick-start the discussion to gather more information regarding this.


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ISAs are Tax-Free

If you are dealing with ISAs, you must be already aware of the fact that the benefits like dividend income, interests, and capital gains are some of the benefits that will come in the most tax-efficient ways because it is tax-free. However, there is a certain limit to contribute in this regard. So the contribution amount must not exceed the figure of £20,000. Moreover, this amout can even be split into multiple ISAs further. This will bring in the diversification factor and you will have the option to reduce the risk elements from the experience.


Benefits of Private Pensions

There are several tax advantages that an individual can enjoy if one invests in a private pension. You will not only be allowed to get the pension pot in lump sum form which is 25 percent if you are more than the age figure 55. This will even allow you to grow your pension pot which is totally tax-free in this case.

Moreover, you will get tax relief on the amount of money that you are aiming to contribute to your private pension pot. In order to check how much you will be able to avail in the form of tax relief, there are several online tax relief calculations that will help you to make the calculations in this regard.


Children’s Pensions

If you aim to take the benefits from the child pension, you must be aware that the amount allowed to contribute within one tax year is £3,600. This amount will be increased when HMRC will add 25 percent of the amount as tax relief to your child’s pension. Once your child approaches the age figure 18, the child will become the owner of the pension amount automatically.


The Enterprise Investment Scheme

The Enterprise Investment Scheme is known to be a set-up that is a great initiative by the government of the UK. This initiative is taken by the government to promote investments and the young investors to invest more and more in new business start-ups and small businesses. There is a range of tax reliefs for the investors under this plan. These tax reliefs include the following:

  1. The inheritance tax will be 0 percent.
  2. In case the company you are planning to invest is fine-busted, you will get 100 percent tax relief.
  3. If you aim to exit the investment, the capital gains tax will be 0 percent.
  4. You will be even allowed to defer the tax if you have invested in one of the EIS startups.
  5. You will also get tax relief with a percentage of 30 if you have invested in the same tax year of the plan.


SEIS Startups

SEIS is just similar to the case of EIS. However, there are two prominent differences in this regard. You will have a limit to the investment amount. This happens to be the figure of £100,000 in one tax year. You will be able to enjoy tax relief with a percentage of 50.  So this sounds like a better opportunity to get the maximum benefits from the investment point of view which is tax efficient as well.


Venture Capital Trust (VCT)

It refers to a very special way of investment when it comes to the case of venture capital interest. It explains that the shares will be traded when the process is happening in the stock market. This is mostly related to small business setups and companies. They get along well with each other. This plan will even support getting the savings done on dividend tax of 0 percent, capital gains tax of 0 percent, and a percentage of 30 percent income tax relief as well. Moreover, the limit to invest within the duration of one tax year is £200,000.

Furthermore, if the case of venture capital trust is inclined towards the loss, the situation is not dealt with as it is dealt with in EIS or SEIS. This will not allow you to reduce the capital gains tax from the investments made on other plans.


Savings and Peer-to-Peer Lending

In the case of earning from the interest you get on the savings accounts or the platforms like P2P lending, the amount of initial figure £1,000 will be totally tax-free. In case of being a high taxpayer, this amount will be £500 for you.


Dividend-Paying Shares

In the case of the individual who aims to make an investment in the stocks, also the ISA allowance is also reached, it will be a better idea to choose the company shares that are allowed to be held for a long time in the future. A certain amount earned through this, in the beginning, will be totally tax-free for you. You will have to pay the tax and there are several dividend taxes calculations that can help you to figure out the exact figure that you might owe in this regard.


The Bottom Line

Now that we have gathered a fair amount of information about what are the most tax-efficient investments in the UK, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. Having an awareness of the tax-efficient ways to make investments in the UK will bring in multiple factors of benefits for the investors. This makes it imperative to have the facts right before pooling in the amount as an investor in the UK. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you to develop a better understanding of how to handle the most tax-efficient ways to make savings and investments in the future.


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Disclaimer: The information about tax-efficient investments is provided in this article including text and graphics. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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