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Do I Pay Tax on My Treehouse?

We can not deny the pleasure of nature and having a treehouse to relax with friends or family in our leisure time. This is kind of soaking up the natural beauty. If you are also an individual who is looking for an option of a tree house as an addition to amenities, you must be aware of whether the tree houses are taxable or not. And what is the possible tax on my tree house if they are taxable?

Moreover, the owners of a residential property who aims to build a tree house in their garden will soon observe a sudden increase in the tax bills. So it’s better to learn how to cope with this professionally. The government considers the treehouse as an addition to the value of the property. This is because building a treehouse always comes up with squeezing households and gaining more cash if you can use it for the benefit purpose through tenants or other ways. The property that is near greenery or has such an addition in the residential area like a garden or a house will be charged more tax than others. However, in this guide, we will cover all the answers to the frequently asked questions related to the treehouse tax.


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Are Treehouses Taxable?

As discussed earlier if you aim to landscape a garden at home or build a treehouse to use it for your own gaining and benefits,  you will observe the higher tax bills in comparison to the properties that do not have these additions in them.  However, when it comes to the set of rules about whether a treehouse is taxable, two things that are to consider before any tax implication is decided. It is to identify whether the building of addition comes under a permanent building or a non-permanent building.

If the structure of a treehouse or other such examples is smaller than a certain limit and it does not even have a foundation base, it will be considered a temporary building and there will be no tax implications on this. On the other hand, if a building has a foundation and has covered many areas of the house will be a permanent addition to residential property and will come under tax implications immediately.


Property Tax on a Treehouse

It is a requirement to get a permit from the local government if you aim to build a treehouse that has a foundation base and will cover a certain limited area of the residential property. As this will be considered a permanent property and can be beneficial for the owner of the house. The tenants or other guests can be entertained against the ransom of cash. These factors will bring the treehouse under tax implications and you must bring this into the knowledge of HMRC to avoid any unfavourable consequences in future.


Do I Require a Building Permit to Build a Treehouse?

As we have discussed earlier that if the treehouse is built over a certain limit of the residential property, which means it is a permanent part of the residential property and will even add to its value. In such a case you will need to seek permission from the local government. However, if the area is not much covered and there is no foundation for the treehouse, there is no need to seek permission. In case of getting a permit from the local government, you should expect the interference of the government in emptying the treehouse or removing it from the property in the future if it is going against the rules.

Before you start to build the treehouse within your residential property, the owner of the house must have an understanding of all the legal procedures of building a treehouse, this includes the details of tax implications and local government permission. This will allow you to have a real analysis of whether investing in building a treehouse is worthy enough or not.


Value of Residence with a Treehouse

If the treehouse is a permanent structure, it has to be fixed with a foundation covering many areas of the residential property. The permanent structure is normally the one that is not easy to move from the site. Garages, barns, and sheds are a few examples.  However, in the case of a treehouse, this is built over the ground, so the rules of tax are slightly different from other examples. There is no doubt claim that a treehouse especially when it is a permanent structure will add to the value of a residential property. As it will have the attention of tenants and other leisure plans of the people.

By this, we mean that the addition of a treehouse will not only be a source of attention for people but you will have financial benefits from it as well. Due to these factors, you will see immediate raise in the value of a property.  This depends on the location of your residential property also, which will affect whether or not your treehouse is taxable.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about tax on my tree house, we can bring the discussion toward wrapping up. We can say that a treehouse may sound fascinating to many of us, however, it is also a source of gaining financial benefits and adds to the value of a property. The owner of a residential property who aims to build a treehouse must be aware of the facts that make a treehouse taxable and you will notice a sudden increase in the tax bills after you have a treehouse of the certain type built in your garden.


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Disclaimer: The general information provided in this blog about tax on my treehouse includes its text and graphics. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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