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A Beginners’ Guide Based on Bacs Payment!

The most common bank transfer way in the UK is bacs payment. But what is bacs payment? what are the types of bacs payment? Here is a discussion based on the most frequently asked questions about bacs payment.

There are two main types of bacs payment, Direct debit and direct credit. By direct debit we mean, the allowance of pulling out money is given to a party. In this way, it is possible for this party to take out money from the bank account of another party.

On the other hand, in the case of direct credit, one party is allowed to deposit money to another party’s bank account.  If you are still wondering, what is the meaning of bacs payment and what are some other facts and details associated with this term. We have got you covered here. In this article, we will discuss the basics of what is bacs payment. This includes the following:

bacs payment

  • Bacs Payment – What does it mean?
  • The Types of Bacs Payment
  • Bacs Payment – How to make it?


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Bacs Payment – What does it mean?

Bacs is the abbreviation of Bankers Automated Clearing Services. Bacs payment scheme limited is what keeps the process channelised. This organisation consists of the sixteen leading banks in the UK. According to the record, in 2020, 2 billion payments were made by using direct credit payments and 4.5 billion by the use of direct debit.


The Types of Bacs Payment:

Bacs direct debit and bacs direct credit are two main types. The details of these two main types along with the pros and cons are discussed below.

Direct Debit:

A debit card is a form of instruction that is given to the bank by the client which tells the details of the company to deal with their account. As long as the client is given a note of the process and the dates are discussed. A client offers this authorisation with a Direct Debit. This could be an internet web page that is available online. Once authorised, the company can mechanically take bills from you.

Pros of Direct Debit:

  • Low cost with transactions than debit cards.
  • Great for regular bills. Forget to worry about the hidden deductions.
  • Unlike credit cards and debit cards, which may be stolen, misplaced or expire, a Direct Debit is future-proof. That way failed bills are minimised.
  • The achievement of Direct Debit bills is 95-100%, as compared to simply 80-95% for other cards.

Bacs Credit Card:

Bacs Direct Credit is one of the famous approaches for UK companies for the purpose of payments. There are approximately 2.1 billion Bacs Direct Credit bills made in the UK every year. It’s generally used for making normal bills consisting of salaries, pensions, and tax credits. However, with universal Credits in the UK, the number of state benefits paid through Bacs Direct Debit can also fall. 80% of the workforce in the UK is paid the usage of Bacs Direct Credit.


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How is Bacs Credit Card Advantageous?

In the process of checking a few payment methods, which include cheque, Bacs Direct Credit is a far less difficult charge approach to do. With a smooth system, which includes remittance and reconciliation, benefitting from automation.

There are a few instant savings with the usage of Bacs Direct Credit. For example, it’s a comparison to dealing with paper cash, which includes cheques. You additionally keep on postage prices when sending out cheques. All of which has an advantageous effect on your carbon footprint and could assist you to meet your company environmental targets.


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Bacs Payment – How to make it?

Personal and business banking service is used to get the allowance of bank if you want to credit another account. For this process, you will require bank name, payee name, sort code and the bank account number. On the other hand, if you want to debit an account, the same details will be required.


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The Bottom Line:

To sum up, the discussion of what is bacs payment, we can say that bacs payment is popular for the way it provides security and ease to the customers. However, like every other transaction process, it has certain limitations to follow for seamless processing. Get yourself free and enjoy hassle-free transactions by using bacs payments. We hope this article helped to develop a better understanding.


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Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general information based on what is bacs payment.

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