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A party is incomplete without music, scratch that, any event is incomplete without music. DJs are in high demand be it a wedding or a social gathering, one name on the list is the DJ. Our accountants for DJs acknowledge the demand DJ’s have. DJ’s worry about good music whereas we worry about your good accounts.

How Much Does a DJ Earn

DJ’s life might seem all hip and happening, and no doubt it is. A DJ earns between £50-£100 per hour for a standard event DJ and between £500-£5,000 per hour for an in-demand DJ/Producer or Celebrity DJ. However, this does not include VAT or the hire of any equipment.

Accountants for DJs
DJs accountants

Face The Music

When you are earning you have to pay taxes and the same is the case with DJs. This is where our DJs accountants scoop in and take care of your accountants, bookkeeping, and taxes.

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In particular, you are about your playlist the same way, we are very specific with your accounts. We make sure no errors take place and everything is smoothly done. With us by your side you have nothing to worry about, you can play that music as we play with the tax numbers.


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