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Makeup artists are talented, no arguing over that. The blending of shades, knowing which product suits your skin the best, and basically transforming you into a diva. Now certainly, makeup is not where our expertise lies but our Accountants for Makeup Artists know everything needed to know when it comes to a makeup artist’s accounts and finances.

We prepare your accounts and keep all the data recorded. Whenever you require your records know that you will be getting up to date data in no time. Our chartered accountants not only think about today but they think ahead.

Business Bank Account

Makeup may be your passion and you believe you are just making money out of your hobby but that is not it, this is now your profession and you cannot mix your personal and professional life. Confused about where we are going with this? You need to have a separate business bank account.

All costs should go through your business bank account, and all income should be placed into that account. This makes things easier for you and you can easily keep track of your finances. Using your personal account for your business is a bad idea which will only lead you to muddled accounts.

Accountants For Makeup Artists
Accountants For Makeup Artists

Tax Deductions

You are a business visionary now. You are your own boss which implies, you have a business. Also, presently you need to begin dealing with your transactions like they’re essential for a business.

You need our Accountants for Makeup Artists to look after your accounts and also help you around with taxes. Did you know Make-up artist’ comes with several tax deductions that are highly unique to other industries? Our accountants know all about it, want to know more? Get in touch with us!

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You are our priority; we love fulfilling all your accountancy needs. We are continually searching for better approaches to guarantee our customers are cheerful and getting the most ideal help. At Accotax we guarantee you professionalism with friendly customer service.

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