Amended Tax Return

Amended Tax Return | A Guide Based On Corrections And Amendments!

We all agree on how normal it is to make mistakes as a human. We all do that and at times we don’t even realize them until they are well made. What if you suddenly realize the mistake you made in your tax returns. This was filed months ago and now all you are thinking is about Amended Tax Return.

In certain cases, the reason to amend the tax returns could possibly be a new and upgraded development that can affect the number of your tax returns. You need to figure out first whether the new development or the mistake that you have made go in your favor or not? The next step will be filing an amended tax return.

Have You Discovered A Mistake on a Previous Tax Return File Or Intend to File Amended Tax Return

for Some Other Reason? You are just on the right page to seek your answers.

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We will provide comprehensive tax information by covering the following:

  • Amended Tax Returns
  • How To Compensate The Mistakes?
  • Late Tax Returns
  • Overpaid and Underpaid Tax

Amended Tax Returns:

Yes, there is a possibility of amendment even after you have filed for tax returns. However, a certain extent of time duration is required. The changes should be made if your tax year falls in between 2019-2020, make your changes before 31st January 2022. If your tax year falls between 2020-2021, make your changes before 31st January 2023.

In case, after filing the tax return you have realized that you have made a mistake or you have read any upgraded rules that might affect your amount of tax return. Now, all you are considering is an amended tax return.

If by any chance, you are unable to follow the deadline, you need to reach out to HMRC. You will be updated with the required process, there is a possibility of paying more tax or successfully claiming the refund.

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How To Compensate The Mistakes?

Once you are determined about your decision to make amendments with already filed tax returns, you need to do the following steps:

  • You need to add the unique taxpayer reference as well.
  • Send your self-assessment paperwork by seeking the right address.
  • Download a new tax return, make corrections and send it to HMRC.
  • Write your amendment on every page and also add your name.

Most people use commercial software for corrections, if it does not work you need to approach HMRC directly.

Overpaid and Underpaid Tax:

If you want to write to HMRC either to claim overpaid or underpaid tax. You will be able to see your upgraded bill within three days if the process of tax return online was correct. Follow the steps mentioned below for you.

  • How do you want it to be repaid?
  • Proof of paying the tax amount
  • Ensure that you have no history of trying the refunds in the past.
  • An agreement is required with your signatures that must explain why the amended tax return
  • Write details of the correction you are making.
  • Reasons behind paying too much or too little tax.
  • The exact amount that you have paid extra or little.
  • and all other details are correct to your knowledge.

Late Tax Returns:

In case you have missed the deadlines, you need to reach out to HMRC directly by writing a letter that depicts the details of your case and reasons. HMRC has provided fair and clear information about the deadlines according to different years.

Before you jump into the amendment process, gather information if you have time to meet the deadlines.


To sum up the discussion we can say that the process of amendments after you are done filing for tax returns is crucial and critical as well. You need to give the required explanations to satisfy the investigation by HMRC. If the affected amount is enough to invest the energies, one must go for it. It depends on the affected amount in your case that might help you to decide whether you should go for amendments or not. We hope this post helped you to decide on your case.

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