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Here’s How you Tackle Dormancy Without Losing Money

Our dormant company accountants come up with a step-by-step process to help you tackle dormant accounts.

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We can claim for you some of these allowable expenses:​

The only transaction allowed by a dormant business are:

  • Payment for shares taken by subscribers to the memorandum of association.
  • Fees paid to the Registrar of Companies for a change of company name, the re-registration of a company, and filing annual returns.
  • Payment of a civil penalty for late filing of accounts.

To accomplish these objectives, we use the most advanced noteworthy methodologies and progressions accessible and we have been constantly redesigning our bookkeeping aptitude and nearly screen charge enactment and bookkeeping measures which could affect our customer’s assessments and satisfaction.


Work Up your ROIs

What if your rental income is lower than your personal allowance? Are you still eligible for a UK income tax allowance? If your yearly income is more than personal income, you’re eligible for the rental income.

Get Help from our Accountants

Here’s how our team of accountants help you out:  


Lookout for accountants that help you when you’re in desperate need of it. We’re more than just accountants. We provide you with effective solutions for your business and help you rework your brand strategy. Let us work on your numbers and help you save up for future generations.

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