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Flexible Furlough – The Revised Scheme!

Furlough is a part of the Government’s Job Retention Scheme. Recently there is an extension made in the Job Retention Scheme till September 2021. The ability to put the employees on Flexible Furlough covers under this scheme. The chancellor announced this extension in March Budget Announcements. This applies to all parts of The UK and it appears to be a fair way to retain the employees even when the employer deals with the challenging times of coronavirus.

furlough scheme

It is supposed to be a temporary introduction of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. It is a remedy measure against the challenging times of suffering from COVID – 19 which will take place for the duration of 18b months. As this is expected to have an end in September.

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The practical implication guide and updates are recently shared in April 2021. Moreover, this post will cover the fundamental part of the guide that includes the following.

furlough scheme

  • How To Define Flexible Furlough?
  • New Furlough Agreement – How The Furloughed Employees will Be Paid?
  • Steps To Put Employees On Flexible Furlough
  • How To Calculate Claim For Flexible Furloughed Staff?

How To Define Flexible Furlough?

Before 1st July 2020, according to the key principle of the scheme, the employees couldn’t work for the company in certain challenging circumstances like COVID – 19 but they were allowed to take part voluntarily in business activities or training, etc.

However, after the scheme was revised the workers were allowed to do part-time work according to the set time between the employer and the worker. Also, employers are required to pay for the working hours by such employees. This is introduced as Flexible Furlough. Moreover, furloughed days or furloughed hours are paid to the workers by following the revised scheme.

Back in Summer 2020, In the previous furlough scheme, the components were not quite doable in a long run for the organizations. The chancellor also agreed that he wants to retain furloughed workers in a more appropriate and measured way. So, the revised scheme introduced as Flexible Furlough is appreciated by both the employers and the employees since it turned out to be advantageous for both parties.


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New Furlough Agreement – How The Furloughed Employees will Be Paid?

To provide public guidance HMRC several Government guide documents and updates to help employers and employees understand and follow the right way of calculations. So, the difference between the usual working hours and furloughed working hours is not confused anymore.

Out of some challenges in the Flexible Furlough Scheme, the agreement holds the limelight. Let’s delve deep to know more about it. The original Furlough Scheme required the agreement to cover the following key points.

  • Period Of Furlough
  • Wages Arrangments
  • Annual Leaves
  • Notice to End Furlough

Whereas the new scheme requires a revised agreement. So, the employers need to make a new agreement according to the changes made in Flexible Furlough which ensures the updated requirements to carry out the work patterns and routines. The requirements include:

  • The Agreement must ensure the equality, discrimination laws and it is consistent in employment.
  • Ensure the written record for good five years.
  • Keep a track of usual working hours as well as furloughed working hours.

Steps To Put Employees On Flexible Furlough:

  • The employer must agree with the components of the agreement with the employee.
  • A vivid plan of payment to set out that employees will receive during the furlough period.
  • Government and employer contribution.
  • An employee can go on furlough more than once and this can last according to the circumstances and needs of the organization.
  • The minimum furlough period that can be claimed by the employer is seven days.
  • If there are any changes required in the employee’s agreement, this must be agreed upon in a usual way.

How To Calculate Claim For Flexible Furloughed Staff?

The same portal way that is used for the full-time furloughed staff will be followed to make a claim by the employer. However, there are few changes to be ensured which include the following.

  • The employer must ensure the usual and furloughed hours record unlike the case of full-time furloughed employees.
  • The directed calculations by the government are to be used to figure out the working hours during each pay period.

There are two different calculations to use according to:

  1. Fixed number of hours
  2. The number of worked hours (working hours can vary in this case).


Let’s sum up the discussion with the hope that this blog post helped you to follow the revised scheme of Flexible Furlough and its updated components. This thoughtful change is advantageous for both employers and employees if done right according to the required standards.


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