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Here’s How you Claim Statutory Sick Pay During Self Isolation Period

The Corona Virus Statutory Sick Pay Scheme (CSS) is another coronavirus scheme that allows employees to claim some amount of their pay. These can be claimed primarily by the employees that are finding it hard to work due to coronavirus.   


Do you Qualify for the Corona Statutory Pay?


If you’re an employer, you’re definitely eligible for the scheme. That happens particularly if your employees are eligible for the PAYE payroll scheme and you’ve got less than 250 employees. This is particularly relevant for 28th February 2020. The employer needs to make sure that they paid sick pay to an employee who was absent from work due to coronavirus. 


It does not necessarily mean that you’re eligible for the scheme only if you’re tested positive for coronavirus. You can avail of statutory sick pay UK even if you just have the symptoms and you want to self isolate. 


How to Reclaim SSP for Self-Isolation Periods?


You’re eligible for statutory sick pay UK only if: 


  • You’ve tested for coronavirus or you’ve tested positive for corona. 
  • NHS told them to isolate themselves because they were in contact with someone who already tested positive for coronavirus. 
  • They’ve been notified by NHS to self-isolate before surgery for up to 14 days. 


Please note that only the days of self-isolation count as corona virus-related absence. If you want to avail of Statutory Sick Pay for any other surgeries, please note that it’s not eligible for that. Only the days you take as self-isolation need to be counted. 


More About Reclaiming Statutory Sick Scheme


Good news! You can take the coronavirus statutory sick pay scheme for up to two weeks. This also includes the period when he wants to self-isolate or shield from any potential dangers of coronavirus. All your claims cover more than one period of absence. 

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