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A Guide Based on How to Nominate your Main Residence?

In case a property is the only residence and the main one at the same time, the nine months time period of final ownership will be excluded from capital gains tax. If you are wondering what is it like to have the only residence as your main and what are the relevant consequences, you are on the right blog to get your queries answered well. This article is based on the following factors that are necessary to be discussed to develop a better understanding of how to nominate the main residence.

  • The Idea – Nominate the Main Residence
  • Elections – The Process
  • Flipping Benefits

How to Nominate the Main Residence


The Idea of One Main Residence:

The idea is in the name itself. The relief can only be enjoyed if you have only one residence as your main residence. In case, an individual has more than one residence option, then there has to be one main residence at a given time. After having met certain conditions, it is possible for the taxpayer to choose which residence would be his main residence from the available options. This is important for the purpose of capital gain tax.

Moreover, the chosen option should not be like the residence where an individual spent most part of the day. Also, married couples or couples living in a civil partnership can have only one main residence within their sharing. The properties that are considered as main property must be a lived-in home sort. Let its properties are not considered as the main residence.


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Election – The Process:

Where someone has the only residence, that residence is their main residence. And if they have the option of a second residence, they have got a duration of 2 years to appoint which residence is the main residence for capital profits tax purposes.

Where residences are sold and bought, the clock begins once again from the date on which the precise aggregate of residences changes. The taxpayer then has 2 other years to choose which residence is the main one. The election has to be made in writing to HMRC. The letter has to include the overall details of the option being nominated because then it has to be signed by all the owners.


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Flipping Benefits:

There are some benefits to an asset being the main residence in some unspecified time of ownership. You can enjoy an exemption from capital gain tax; the very last duration of possession is likewise exempted as well.

Where the residences are let, occupying the assets as the main residence in some unspecified time may also open up the choice of lettings relief (even though it have to be cited that the option of lettings relief is to be severely curtailed from April 2020).

Once an election has been made to appoint a property as the main residence, this will be varied a number of times (‘flipping’). This may be very beneficial from a tax making plans perspective, for example, occupying an asset as the main residence after it. However, earlier than it’s far bought can refuge a number of the advantage.

Flipping and utilising the capital profits tax annual exempt gets the advantage that falls into price while the properties aren’t the main residence. This may be useful in lowering the tax bill.


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The Bottom Line:

To sum up, in the discussion of knowing how to nominate the main residence, we can say that in the absence of an election, the properties that are the main residence can be decided as a query of fact. This can be the residence where an individual lives as their main residence. For example, if a married couple has its own home and a vacation hut, in case of the absence of an election, the own home can be handled as the main residence.


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Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general information based on how to nominate the main residence.

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