set up a bookkeeping business

How to Set up a Bookkeeping Business

how to set up a bookkeeping business

To define a bookkeeping business in the simplest words, calling it the art of preparing tax returns and managing finances for business clients won’t go wrong. All you need to do is gear up and hop on to making a business plan. This article will add up to your guide to help you understand how to set up a bookkeeping business.


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Who Requires Bookkeeping?

Bookkeepers are required and hired by every single type of business organization. This platform provides the flexibility of work at home, full time and part time offers, which turn out to be a great offer for women as well as the youngsters who seek to work along with studying to be financially independent. 

The most highlighted factor by the freelancers or the bookkeepers who work from home is said to be the option of working for multiple organizations which is very advantageous for young workers, students and females.


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Nature of Work:

The name bookkeeping has its nature of work hidden in itself, which actually means “keep books”. In other words, keeping tracks and maintaining finances of an individual, company or business. 

Talking about the kind of tasks performed by bookkeepers, they are the professionals who focus on organizing finances of business organizations and individuals. Moreover, multiple task handling is performed by them to keep the track of record keeping straight. 

This includes:

  1. Help to keep a track of financial records.
  2. Making of business reports.
  3. Guide the client as to how they can stay on the top of their taxes.
  4. Maintaining records of payments made by the clients.
  5. Using the bookkeeping softwares to keep track of business expenses.
  6. Checking the accuracy of financial records.
  7. Entry of important transactions into software of bookkeeping.


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Required Skills to Work as a Bookkeeper:


If this read made up your mind to start working as a bookkeeper but you don’t know if you have the specific degree or certification for that, no need to worry because being a bookkeeper does not require any degree. All it requires is the skill of playing with the art of numbers and data handling.


Either you intend to own your own business or work as a staff for a business organization. Gear up now and get yourself ready to learn the skills required to see how to set up a bookkeeping business.


  1. Have good communication and work showcasing skill to gain the attention of clients.
  2. Be easily approachable by swift responding to the queries.
  3. Have the eye to foresee the future of your work plan and keep growing. 
  4. Try to see the bigger picture on a broader spectrum.
  5. Pay attention and focus to minute details.
  6. Facilitate the clients with best use of what technology has to offer.
  7. Have problem solving skills.


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Procedure Guide to become Successful as a Bookkeeper:


The fastest way to get yourself noticed for the potential and credibility as a bookkeeper is to demonstrate your very skills to prove your fine skills. Once the showcasing of work hits the targeted crowd, you are halfway there. 

1. Make Business Plan:

Anything that seems an overnight success story to you has a story of struggle and bonetiring work along with a plan. Success doesn’t come easy. It requires commitment, patience and determination to achieve the goals and turn your dreams into reality. 


A successful business plan is the first and foremost step to take an encouraging start towards your journey. While you are making your business plan, pay close attention to each and every aspect. The common key items included in business plans are:


  • Title page
  • Analysis
  • Summary and overview
  • Projection of finances
  • Attractive marketing ideas
  • Cost factors
  • Dealing with competetors

2. Incorporate your Business Plan:


Like every business start up plan is the most stressful phase where a rollercoaster with fusion of efforts and emotions is on the go. Make it to your checklist to establish your business and get yourself at peace by being organized in terms of planning.

how to set up a bookkeeping business

3. Accounting Software:


To make an overwhelming task look easier and complete them in a swift manner is what is desired under any kind of work structure. To make this happen, choosing the right and appropriate software is what will bring ease towards the hassle of free data handling. In this regard, there are various softwares that will provide the services to do the job done. 


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4. Start Up Cost:


Once you are done designing your business plan, you will be pretty sure as to what is the extent of cost that is required to pool in for the kind of business plan you have. According to experts of business, you should have a six months’ worth of cost in your account to be practically safe in future from any unforeseeable circumstances.


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5. Home Office Set Up:


For an individual who is new to knowing how to set up a bookkeeping business, we need to focus on the practicality of taking a start from the home office in order to be minimal with cost. 

The meeting with clients can be arranged at their office or virtual platforms are an advantageous platform in this scenario as well. However, the clients can be visiting your home office only when it is set up to an attractive work environment because the environment speaks for your personality too.


To Conclude, we can say that setting up a bookkeeping business benefits an individual to earn who is seeking to work either for part time or full time. It provides flexibility which is a great deal to youngsters and females. However, if the practical aspects of taking minimal initiative as beginners and showcasing your work skills by gaining the attention of clients are not dealt with professionally. The whole idea of becoming successful can go wrong in the blink of an eye.


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