Private vs. Public Accounting

Private vs. Public Accounting – The Basic Guide

You have gathered enough information and you are sure that your detail-oriented personality is a perfect fit for the accounting world. Furthermore, this makes you question what could be the best to choose as your career in private vs. public accounting.

People are busy making incredible history in satisfying careers wherever you go and observe the market. Even social media is full of success stories about people landing their dream jobs.

Now must be your turn to bring your idea of a career change into reality. Does it help to build any excitement as yet? Here is a basic guide based on discussing the key differences between private vs. public accounting.

Private Vs Public Accounting The Basic Guide

In this article, the following points are part of the discussion: 

  • Define Private Accounting and Public Accounting
  • A Closer Look to Comparison of Private vs. Public Accounting
  • Pros and Cons
  • The Final Thoughts

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Define Private Accounting and Public Accounting:

Let’s focus on the basic understanding of how to define private accounting and public accounting before we delve further into the comparison.


How to Define Private Accounting?

Private accounting is all about the financial details of one company. The private accountants hired by the company deal with this financial information. Normally they report the analysis to the internal manager of the company goes under the process of audit and review done by the public accounting firms.

This is to ensure that the company’s internal control and accounting practices meet the required standards. This is an independent stamp of approval for the company.


How to Define Public Accounting?

On the other hand, however, this branch of accounting, known as public accounting, has accountant professionals dealing with several clients. The review and audit process mentioned above is done by the public accountants who make financial documents of the companies or businesses that intend to disclose certain information to the public.

In other words, we can say that public accountants are to approve the financial reports and information before it is disclosed to the public.


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A Closer Look At the Comparison of Private vs. Public Accounting

People often confuse private and public accounting and call the differences between the two very minor to notice. However, these basic differences can entirely change accountants’ work-life by this.

This closer comparison will help you decide whether your caliber is best suitable for private or public accounting. The major key differences that we will discuss here include the following:

  • Job Duties
  • Work Atmosphere
  • Educational Requirements


Job Duties:

People normally assume the work environment with day-to-day duties for private and public accountants are just the same, but the fact is that they belong to two entirely different worlds of accounting.

However, the question that arises here is the job duty of a private and public accountant.

Private Accountants: Private accountants are completely associated with the internal accounting affairs of a single company. They report to the financial managers and efficiently plan the business finances.

Moreover, financial performance evaluation is also part of a private accountant’s job duties. This further includes the following as well:

  • Manual Recording
  • Journal Entries
  • Account Reconciliation
  • Management Reporting

Public Accountants: On the other hand, the major duty of a public accountant is to approve the clients’ financial documents. These guys check the level of accuracy before any company decides to disclose financial information to the public.

The day to day duties of these accountants include the following:

  • Review the accuracy and completion of the financial documents.
  • Analysis of financial information of the clients.
  • Error-free disclosure of information to the public.


Work Atmosphere:

There is no doubt that private and public accountants share almost the same amount of business. Their work schedule is fully packed regardless of whether it is the end of the financial year or the tax season.

However, the tax season makes the public accountants more occupied relatively and the end of the financial year gets packed schedules for the private accountants. Beyond the work schedules, the work atmosphere can vary slightly in both cases.

Furthermore, the prominent differences are listed below:

  • While we weigh the work atmosphere, the noticeable difference is traveling as public accountants have to travel to the clients’ locations.
  • Private accountants work from the comfort zone of their office for the assigned tasks by the boss just like any other employee. However, there can’t be any prediction about the work environment of a public accountant.
  • Public accountants deal with a range of clients, whereas private accountants work for a single company.
  • Public accountants manage to deal with strict deadlines given by the clients, and this pressure makes them work extra hours.


Educational Requirements:

The basic educational requirement to become an accountant is a bachelor’s degree in Accounting for public accountants and private accountants.

However, to become a public accountant, the license to become a certified one is important.

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The Final Thoughts:

Now that you have developed an understanding of the basic ins and outs of private vs. public accounting. It will be helpful for you to decide whether you want to opt for public accounting or private accounting.

As you are on the way to deciding on your future, have a clear analysis of what goes best with your caliber and nature of work.


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Disclaimer: The information about private vs. public accounting in this article, including graphics, text, and images, is general. This does not necessarily intend to disregard professional advice.


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