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At Accotax, we always look for ways to make your life easy. We use one of the leading cloud-based accounting software Receipt Bank to save your time and money by automating the bookkeeping process. This software uses photos to extract data from the receipts, like date, amount, supplier and sends it directly to us for further execution.

The AI system of this software ensures 99% accuracy of your data for bookkeeping purposes. Its easy submission process allows you to send all the receipts and invoices in a matter of seconds.

Plus, you can review and export data in different formats to send it to our Receipt Bank accountants or bookkeeper in London. And we’ll handle the rest for you!

Receipt Bank Accountant
Receipt Bank Accounting Software

Why use Receipt Bank Accounting Software?

Using Receipt Bank accounting software is one of the best ways to take the first step towards digitalisation. This software not only saves your time and reduces data management hassle but also prevents possible input errors. By using this software you can:

Link your Accounting Software with Receipt Bank

Our Receipt Bank accountants will provide you with access to the world’s great accounting software, including Xero, Quickbooks and FreeAgent.

By integrating your accounting software with Receipt Bank, you can save a lot of the time and money spent on managing your accounts manually. To transfer the expenses of your accounting software to Receipt Bank, you’ll need to provide us with the photograph of your receipt using the app or forward it to us.

To know more about the process, just reach out to us today!

Link Accounting Software with Receipt Bank
Why Receipt Bank Accountants

Why Receipt Bank Accountants at Accotax?

Receipt Bank makes the process of bookkeeping easy for you and allows you to focus on your business growth. Count on us to set up your Receipt Bank account and get the best bookkeeping, accounting and payroll services in the UK.

Grow your business today with Accotax!

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