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What is an SA106 Form?

If you are that one individual who owns the status of being a UK resident, however, earning from foreign income sources, you will have to pay tax on the income coming from foreign sources in the UK. In this procedure, you will be required to fill out a document to complete the procedure that is known as the SA106 form. However, it becomes a little tricky in case of beginners to fill out this form with a clear understanding and then submit it to HMRC. Moreover, this document will be further used for investments you have made abroad, saving accounts, the income you are getting from renting the property abroad, and wages you will receive from the jobs overseas.

Furthermore, this is imperative to understand that any of the savings or income coming from foreign sources will be taxed in the same manner and with the same tax rates as the UK income is taxed. People frequently asked about the basics of what is SA106 form is, how to fill and submit it, who is required to fill this form, and how is it relevant to file the tax returns. This comprehensive guide will help you find answers to all the relevant queries regarding this. Let us get further into the details to learn more.


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What is an SA106 Form?

The SA106 form is referred to be a supplementary document that is part of the procedure you do for your self-assessment tax returns. This document will be required to submit if you are a resident of the UK and paying tax here but getting income from foreign sources as well which will be taxed in the same way. Here comes the main role of the SA106 form in order to complete the procedure of paying tax on the income you are getting from foreign sources even when you are a resident of the UK.


How Do I Fill in the SA106 Form?

The online SA106 form is easily available on the main page of HMRC and it is not a complicated process to look for it online. All you have to do is to mention the tax year that is related to your form submission, then get the form download and print for you, fill the form manually, and finally send the form to HMRC along with the form SA100. This is known to be a tax return form and has equal importance just like form SA160.

Moreover, you need to be focused on reading foreign notes for a better understanding after you download the form. You can even find these notes in the main age of HMRC. This will help you to read the technical terms that are part of the SA106 form. Which will give you clarity of mind before filling out the form.


How Do I Submit it?

Once you are done filing the SA106 form,  you will have to ensure by double-checking that the filling details are error-free. After the step of filling you will have to attach this form to SA100. This is because of the fact that the SA106 form will not be accepted by HMRC alone and the submission will be failed. This is why to submit the form with SA100 form to make it a hassle-free experience for your tax returns.


Who Should Fill Out the SA106?

You will get a reason to fill out the SA106 form if you meet any one of the reasons:

  1. You are receiving the amount of interest on the savings you have abroad
  2. You are getting the rental income from the house or property you have abroad
  3. You are being paid for the pension you are entitled to in the foreign country
  4. You are getting income in form of dividends from companies abroad
  5. You are paying tax overseas for self-employment, employment or any other source of income

Moreover, you will not have to fill out the form if the amount of your foreign income from a property along with the UK income is not more than the figure £1,000. You will get exempt from the property income allowance in this case.


Do I Need to Use it If I File My Tax Return Online?

In case you opt to file the tax return from an online medium, this form will not be a requirement of the procedure. This will become a mandatory requirement only when you get the paper format and choose to file the tax returns manually. However, things you need to consider for a successful experience of filing the tax returns are the deadline is 31st October if you have voted the paperwork rather than getting it done online, however, if you are doing it online you will have the time till 31st of January.

Moreover, the process of doing tax returns in paper format is known to be more complicated than the online process. The time required to finally arrive at the acceptance is also longer if you choose the paper format. In case of making mistake in the submission, the correction will be a harder and more complicated process also. There are several forums that can help you professionally to handle the tax returns filing a great experience.


The Bottom Line

Now that you have gathered a fair amount of information about what is the SA106 form and how to fill it out, we can bring the discussion towards wrapping up. It is normal among people in the UK and especially beginners to understand the importance of the form SA106. This is because of the fact that people are more inclined towards getting their tax returns done online. However, if you are a bit more inclined towards the old-school methods and want to do it on paper, there will be no submission without this form. So it is better to have clarity of the terms used in this form for a successful submission without errors. We hope these few minutes of reading will help you to develop a better understanding of what is the SA106 form and how to handle the relevant requirements of the submission procedure.


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Disclaimer: The information about the SA106 form is provided in this article including text and graphics. It does not intend to disregard any of the professional advice.

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