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What is an EPC? Residential EPCs Explained

Whether you own a flat or a house that you intend to sell, you will be definitely in need of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Do you know what is Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)? In simple words, it is a way to measure the energy efficacy of your flat or house.

You will need the relevant details provided in this article before you decide to sell your property as a landlord. In this article, you will learn all that you need to know about the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). As it plays an important role when you are selling, renting or buying a new property. Before indulging further in the discussion, learn the points of discussion in this article which includes the following listed points:

  • What Is Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?
  • Buying Or Selling A Property? – Learn Whether you Need An EPC or Not?
  • Manage to Improve Your Energy Efficiency Rating
  • The Bottom Line


What Is Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a parameter to measure the energy efficacy of your house. This kind of document has relevant details like the estimation of energy cost as well as the energy performance of your house. Other related features are part of the document also.

Some strong recommendations are the part of this document that ensure that your house is energy efficient. We all know that such changes demand additional cost, this needs to be a part of the details as well. So that after implementation of the recommended changes the target of potential saving can be achieved.


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Buying Or Selling A Property? – Learn Whether you Need An EPC or Not?

Mainly it is considered the responsibility of the landlord or the seller to provide and understand e demand for an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). However, the tenants and buyers should also have a basic understanding to view the details provided in Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Following is an explanation of how the tenants, landlords, buyers, and sellers need this document.

Tenant: It is a must for the tenants to receive Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) from the landlord before moving into the new house. The cost breakdown details given in the document will further help to plan your budget realistically.

Landlord: For buy-to-let landlords, it is a legal demand to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Also, the rating of the new house should be above E. This is a must to ensure before you decide to bring a new tenant into the house. This applies to the renewal of an existing contract as well.

Buyer: The buyers of the property must ask the seller to provide Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). This will help to negotiate the price as well. If you intend to carry out any renovations, you can inform by using its recommendations.

Seller: The sellers are demanded to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) before they plan to sell their house. An estate agent can help to arrange this document. Otherwise, there is the option of an EPC provider who can help.


Manage to Improve Your Energy Efficiency Rating

With the help of the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), you can surely improve your energy ratings and ensure indicative costs as well. With such improvements, you will be able to minimise the environmental effects, as well as your buyers or tenants, will be able to make cuts on their bills.

Some popular recommendations are listed as follows:

  • Low energy Bulbs
  • Solar Panels
  • Double Glazing
  • Insulation

Low energy Bulbs: This is a simple and easy way to reduce your billing cost. Also, this doesn’t demand any structural change in the house. Simply switch to low energy bulbs and reduce your bills.

Solar Panels: Solar panels are famous for producing a cheaper source of energy.

Double Glazing: Double glazing of windows bring in more heat and this way the usage of heat will be reduced. Again a way to have positive cuts on your bills.

Insulation: Due to insulation on your walls, roof and floor, the need for continuing heating is reduced. Which causes cuts in the bills hence it helps stop saving on the bills for tenants and buyers.

Moreover, the certificate has the details of:

  • Heating cost estimation. Hot water and lighting cuts after the improvement are also part o the document.
  • The details of energy-saving and energy performance ratings are also explained in the docent after the improvements are made.
  • The cost involved in the implementation of these improvements.


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The Bottom Line

Finally, the discussion of what is Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is coming towards wrapping up as you have understood the basic and relevant details. You will need an agent who can help you with the process of EPC in a more efficient and swift way.

Before deciding to select one, you should ensure to get the high street and that is based on the past performance as well. You will be asked to provide the relevant details for seamless working and you are halfway there already. We hope to get you in a position to start the process with a clear mind and understanding. We hope these few minutes of reading will help to have positive effects on your bills.


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Disclaimer: The information about what is Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) provided in this blog is general in nature. It does not intend to disregard any professional word.

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