When Does Child Benefit Stop

A Basic Guide To Child Benefit

Are you a parent or a guardian who is getting child benefits? However, in case your child is turning 16 any time sooner, these few minutes of reading will be fruitful for your knowledge. Do you need to know “When does child benefit stop?” Well, we have got you covered with the frequently asked questions about child benefits. Before we delve further into the discussion, let’s have a look at the points of discussion to keep you going with us.


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Child Benefits In A Nutshell

Normally child benefit refers to the amount of money that parents or guardians receive for their children who are under the age of 16. However, there is an exception for children with the age of 17 in case they are associated with one of the following conditions:

  • full-time education
  • full-time training
  • struggling with any sort of disability due to which they are unable to support themselves.

Moreover, you need to know that this child benefit amount is not paid to any of the above-mentioned exceptions once the child turns 20. Regardless of full-time training, full-time education, or disability, child benefits will be stopped for exceptions after the age of 20.

Several people confuse child benefit with being a taxable amount, however, that is not it at all. This benefit is not taxable. The good news is that the child benefit will raise from April 2022 and an amount of £33-£23 will be given extra per child every year.

Previously the amount was £21.80 every week for the older children or for the only child. In the case of additional children, an amount of £14.45 was given every week. From April 2o22 the increase is 3.1 % and is expected to stay in place until April 2023.


Qualifying Terms for Child Benefit

There are certain terms and conditions that have to be checked for your eligibility.  These qualifying terms include the following:

  • An individual must be a resident in the UK as well as satisfy HRC (Habitual Residence Condition).
  • The age of the child is under 16 years other than the exceptions.
  • The exceptions include full-time education, full-time training, and disabled children until they are under 20.

The application process for the child benefit should be completed within a year of:

  • The child is born
  • The month when the child arrived at home and is considered to be a part of your family after all the procedures. (Adopted child)
  • When a family started to live in the UK

Furthermore, once the child turns 16, he will not receive the child benefit amount. When he starts his full-time education or full-time training, the child benefit amount will be received till June in every school year. Once  the approved training and education period are over, the child payments will be stopped by the following dates and it depends on which comes first in your case:

  1. 28th February
  2. 31st May
  3. 31st August
  4. 30th November

There is a possibility of extension child benefit when your child leaves the education or training. For this, you can get in touch with the local career services to get to know the processing.


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When Does Child Benefit Stop?

The benefit that comes with child benefit schemes is stopped on 31st August when your child has turned 16 and until he does not start full-time training or education.

It is recommended to inform the child benefit office once he continues to get into approved full-time training as well as full-time education.

You will receive a letter in which you will be asked to confirm your future plans for the last year of the school.

The further procedures will depend on the age and education plans of the child.


Final Thoughts

Now that you have developed an understanding of child benefits and “When does the child benefit stop”. We can sum up the discussion by saying that it varies according to your child’s circumstances and for a seamless working process, one must inform the child benefit office to carry on getting the benefits for the maximum time.


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Disclaimer: The information about “When does child benefit stop” provided in this article is general in nature and does not intend to disregard any professional advice.

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