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3 Reasons Why Self-Employed Personnel Need an Accountant

Becoming a self-employed individual can empower you to pursue your interests and preferred working schedule. However, if you don’t consider your financial obligations, you may end up spending more on simply renting out workspace and paying other job-related costs. In the end, you may encounter difficulties with your financial stability, which is why you should consider working with an self employed accountant. But why would you need an accountant than do the accounting yourself? 


This article will discuss three compelling reasons an accountant is worth looking into for your line of work. Take this as an opportunity to take ownership of your responsibilities as an independent working professional. This way, you can maintain a good reputation in your community as you adhere to self-employment regulations and see to it that you meet payment deadlines. 


1- Exposes you to a wide network of business professionals


One of your main goals as a freelancer is to have a wide range of networking options across various industries. It helps you accomplish more complex projects, particularly those requiring a few experts to pull off, like movie production, custom building projects, and high-fidelity prototyping. The good news is as you acquire the appropriate financial professional to help you, they can be a valuable resource for connections. 


Accountants for freelancers often provide their services to different clients, meaning you can value their relationship as a means for possible collaboration. You can also refer them to other people in your network, allowing you to expand your credibility in different fields of specialisation. As a result, you have the human resources needed to pursue more empowering, profit-boosting projects in the long run. 


2- Enables you to be more prepared for plans 


Since you are on your own pay grade, you need to find ways to ensure you stay profitable while meeting expenses. It may be the first time you are doing this, so you may make some costly mistakes, like failing to meet debt payments and overspending on work-related equipment without considering the long-term implications (e.g., retirement, emergency funding). The good news is you aren’t alone in addressing these dilemmas.


With the right accounting services, you can request advice and meet your goals easily by following the budget set by your accountant. This way, you can earn just compensation, have enough savings, and garner the money needed to keep your one-person operations running smoothly. You can even allocate enough for health insurance, mutual funds, and other financial instruments. 


3- Provides time-saving expertise 


Even if you consider yourself a bit of a maths expert, it may not be advisable to do your accounting yourself given the workload to meet deadlines and accomplish other non-work-related responsibilities, like tending to your family’s needs. The sheer pressure of accomplishing self-filing for taxes can also be a daunting task. 


If you have a few discrepancies with your records, you may even get into trouble with the HM Revenue and Customs. Due to this, it’s recommended to hire an accountant who is well versed in self-employment dues for your utmost convenience. 




It can be easy to think you have all taken care of as a self-employed professional. But in reality, when asked about finances, you can often falter, make losses, and get charged with penalties. The good news is there are accounting professionals you can rely on, and you now have a better idea of what they can provide you. Remember all the formerly mentioned reasons and invest in your financial stability today.


Are you looking for the best fixed-fee accountants to help you with your financial obligations as a self-employed professional? Contact us at Accotax. We can assist you with your financial concerns. We even have telephone and email support if you have any further clarifications. Sign up to make sense of your finances and meet your dues! 


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