While selecting an accountant, you generally go to your local London accountants where they would quote you between £700 – £3000 plus VAT to do your year-end accounts. However, it excludes all those extra accountancy costs that rack up throughout the year, whenever you need to phone your accountant for advice on things like what expenses you can claim, what your take-home pay would be, whether you should register for the Flat Rate VAT scheme, etc. There are ample of accountants in London but not every local London accountants is up to the mark or fulfills your requirements. Looking for an accountant in London? You need to have your research done.

Each time you call your accountant you is likely to get charged, resulting in an unreasonable bill of over £1000 at the end of the year. It comes as no surprise that the majority of people stop calling their accountant and instead seek advice from their kins which is not the ideal situation considering the complicated rules surrounding tax.

This is where ACCOTAX fits in. We do not want our clients to be reluctant to contact us and potentially lose out on valuable tax-saving advice. As a start-up, you will probably have lots of queries and will really appreciate the fact that you can call your accountant as many times as you like without the fear of piling up large bills. No surprise billing awaits your way with Accotax!

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