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3 Tips you Get to Count On for Easy Payroll

As a business owner, you’re undoubtedly no stranger to the fact that having employees can be quite complicated at times! With all the different factors—both major and minor— you need to account for, it can be quite daunting to navigate the business world. You’ve probably had your fair share of highs and lows with your team, so much so that it’s safe to say having a team of your own is no small feat! While there are numerous different matters that you need to worry about sooner or later, one of the most complex challenges that many businesses struggle to manage is in regard to payroll.   Here are some factors you need to consider for easy payroll.

When does payroll come into play?

Regardless if you’re a small business selling commodities on the web or a newly-minted tech start-up that’s hit the ground running, you’re bound to have your run-ins with payroll matters eventually.

At one point or another, you’ll begin to learn the runaround of payroll-related matters after you start paying people with their salaries. Contrary to popular belief, the process in question isn’t just all about withdrawing from your bank account and paying your employees—in fact, it can be overwhelming and confusing if you aren’t careful!

Thankfully, the advent of modern technology has made it a lot easier to provide wages and file taxes in the most effective, efficient, and error-free way possible. Despite these, however, you may still find yourself in a bit of a tight situation if you don’t know how to handle the process, especially if you’ve taken it upon yourself to make the necessary investments!

So, how can you make payroll a lot easier for yourself?

Payroll work isn’t the whole cutthroat process that most people expect it to be. By having the right tips and tricks in mind, you can easily go through the process without a hitch!

If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you’ll need to disburse cash but don’t know how to handle the task at hand, here are a few key pointers that you can use to make things easier for yourself:

Tip #1: Deduct applicable tax for your PAYE payments

When you start jotting down the necessary calculations that you should make for your payroll payments, you’ll need to also handle the tax obligations of your employees—but did you know that a simple tweak can make matters easy?

If you haven’t been deducting the applicable tax for each of your employees and paying it to HMRC as part of PAYE (along with your National Insurance contributions), then now is definitely the time to start doing so. Although it may not seem like much at first, making this simple adjustment will help make your figures more accurate and cut down any unwanted worries when you put your documents together for filing!

Tip #2: Invest in accounting software

For the longest time, doing payroll work was considered as one of the most tedious tasks that any business owner could face because of all the manual calculations and other additional tasks involved. Thankfully, you won’t need to worry about spending months on end behind papers without ever taking your hand off the calculator because accounting software can streamline the whole process for you!

Tip #3: Bring in a helping hand

One of the biggest oversights that business owners have been making when handling their payroll is that they don’t enlist the services of an outsourced bookkeeper and payroll expert when they need it the most. Through the help of a dependable service provider—such as ourselves at Accotax—you payroll-related matters need to be handled really well. By letting a team of experts handle it for you, any errors are minimised, and everything will be assuredly in compliance with the law!


When it comes to handling your business’s payroll, it’s vital to understand that you should take every opportunity to streamline and optimise your operations by making the necessary adjustments. Through the help of the three tips mentioned above, you can make your life a whole lot easier and never find yourself in a tight situation when paying yourself and your employees ever again!

Are you looking to hire payroll accountants in London to help you out with your payroll efforts? Accotax has got the solution you need! We have a number of professionals all ready to handle your accounting and payroll concerns. Whether you are a contractor, self-employed, or a limited company, be sure to get in touch with us today for a quote!

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