Child Benefit after 16

What Happens to Child Benefit After 16 Years of Age?

It is a question that British citizens always need clarification on. What happens to child benefit after 16 years of age?

Join us as we explore child benefits in detail and answer several common questions. In this blog, we will tell you about child benefits and at what age they end. Then we will provide you with a clear method for extending child benefit after 16 years of age for your child. Let’s begin!


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What is Child Benefit in the UK?

Child benefit is a state benefit provided to the guardians of children under 16 by the UK government to its citizens. The benefit is provided in weekly payments and varies depending on the number of children. For the first child, you are provided with £24 per week, whereas for the subsequent children, you will be given £15.90 per week. It is to be noted that this also applies to adopted kids.


When Does the Child Benefit End?

Generally, the child benefit ends on August 31, on or after the 16th birthday of your child. However, you will be surprised to learn that you can still claim child benefit after 16 years of age. However, to qualify for this, you must abide by certain regulations and know how to apply. This state benefit is extended to students who are studying full-time until their 20th birthday. Let’s get to the specifics.


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How Do I Apply for Child Benefit After 16 Years of Age?

The UK government provides child benefits to help guardians bear the extra cost of raising a child. This includes costs such as food, clothes, and shelter, while also ensuring that you have enough room to save for your children’s further studies. However, if the government finds that your child is not earning enough to support the expenses due to further education, they can extend the child benefit from 16 years to 20 years.

Nevertheless, there is only a selected list of programmes that allow this extension. This means that you will not be eligible for child benefit after 16 years if your child is not enrolled in these approved courses.


Approved Education

Following is the list of approved courses that allow you to extend child benefits:

  • A Levels
  • Pre-U
  • International Baccalaureate
  • T Levels
  • Scottish Highers
  • Vocational qualifications till level 3
  • Home education for special needs
  • Traineeship in England


Non-Approved Education

Following is a list of courses that are not applicable to the extension of child benefit after 16 years of age:

  • Advanced courses
  • University degrees
  • BTEC Higher National Certificate
  • Courses being paid by employers


Other Approved Training

In addition to the above-mentioned courses, there are some additional training programmes that make you eligible. For the residents of Wales, this includes Foundation Apprenticeship, Traineeships or the Jobs Growth Wales+ scheme. For Scotland, there is only one approved training program, the No One Left Behind programme. Lastly, the citizens of Northern Ireland can also claim child benefit for PEACE IV Children and Young People 2.1, as well as Training for Success or Skills for Life and Works.

It should be noted that once the approved training and education period is over, the child payments will be stopped by the following dates, depending on which comes first in your case:

  • 28th February
  • 31st May
  • 31st August
  • 30th November

However, if you register for government-sponsored career services or the armed forces, you can get an extension of 20 weeks. You can only apply for this extension after your education or training ends.


Additional Requirements to Apply for Child Benefits After 16 Years of Age

Here are some additional requirements you should keep in mind when applying for child benefit after 16 years of age:

  • Full-time education, meaning more than 12 hours of supervised study or course work per week.
  • The child must be enrolled in the course before the age of 19.
  • The child should be a citizen of the UK and live in the UK.
  • The candidate should be studying for 1–2 years.
  • Working less than 24 hours per week.


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A Quick Recap

When your child turns 16, they can still be eligible for child benefit depending on various factors. The child benefit is provided to guardians to assist in the costs of food, shelter, and clothing. So if your child is not able to pay for this due to further education or training, they will be eligible for child benefit.

However, you must remember that there is only a specific set of courses and training that you must be studying. You will not be provided child benefits after 16 years for advanced studies. Therefore, ensure that you are complying with all of the relevant regulations and requirements.


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