Disability Living Allowance

A Basic Guide on Disability Living Allowance (DLA)?

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) contains the money that is provided to people with extra care needs due to physical disability. Two major components come under this which are the mobility component and the care component. One can apply for one or both of the components depending on the need.

In case you are 16 or over, you can not claim for new DLA. You can apply for PIP if you are under pension age. On the off chance that you have a kid with a disease, injury, or disability, the Disability Living Allowance guide will be different than this. In this article we will focus on:

  • Disability Living Allowance – How can I get it?
  • Amount of Disability Living Allowance
  • Disability Living Allowance – How will I be Paid?


Amount of Disability Living Allowance


Disability Living Allowance – How can I get it?

You probably had the mobility or care needs for like three months before you apply for Disability Living Allowance and hope to have them for no less than a half year after.

Care Needs

Care needs mean when you need help to do the basics like dressing up, making dinner, and other regular chores. On the other hand, you should be under supervision so you don’t get injured. It could incorporate assistance outside the home. It doesn’t make any difference, you don’t really get this assistance as long as you can prove that you need it.

Mobility Needs

You have such needs in the event that you can’t walk or you stroll with trouble. Or then again you can’t walk outside without assistance from another person more often than not. Mental and physical disability is the reason for this need and you need to prove this before you get the help.

Terminal Illness Rules:

If you have a terminal sickness and your doctor says that you are sensibly expected to die within a half year there are extraordinary standards that mean you can get the most elevated rate care part of Disability Living Allowance straight away. You don’t have care needs for 90 days before you claim or hope to have them for a half year after.

You should ask your primary care physician/medical care proficient for a DS 1500 form and fill in the uncommon standards segment of the DLA form. On the off chance that you experience issues, you should fill in the mobility part of the form.

Someone else, like your relative, or companion, can apply for DLA for your benefit without your insight under the exceptional rules. Regardless of whether another person makes the case for you, the cash will be paid to you.


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Amount of Disability Living Allowance:

Care Part:

This is paid at one of three distinct weeks after week rates relying upon your consideration needs:

  • Most noteworthy rate £89.60
  • Center rate £60.00
  • The most minimal rate £23.70

Mobility Part:

This part is paid with two different rates and the rates depend upon the level of difficulty to manage yourself. This includes:

  • Higher rate £62.55
  • Lower rate £23.70

In the event that you get DLA, you are eligible for the bill for a Christmas Bonus every year. This is typical £10. You don’t have to make a claim for it. It is paid consequently. It doesn’t influence some other advantages you may get.

Benefit Cap:

If you or your partner gets DLA, you will be excluded from the Benefit Cap which restricts the aggregate sum in certain advantages that working-age families can get.


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Disability Living Allowance – How will I be Paid?

You will get Disability Living Allowance straight in your bank account, Building Society, or Post Office account. Disability Living Allowance normally reaches you after four weeks.


Disability Living Allowance and Other Advantages:

If you begin to get DLA, it may expand the measure of other benefits or attributes you are eligible for. For instance, you might get additional Housing benefits. DLA is regularly overlooked as pay for working out qualifications to different advantages. If you get DLA, somebody who really cares for you may get the Carer’s Allowance.


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To conclude we can say that grants of DLA can be made for either fixed or endless periods yet normally instalments are made for at least a half year or more if you continue having care needs. In the event that you go into a medical clinic, your DLA instalment will stop after a month.


Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general information on Disability Living Allowance.

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