FreeAgent vs QuickBooks

Compare FreeAgent vs QuickBooks Online – A Beginner’s Guide

You are on the hunt for finding the best core accounting solutions for your business? According to research, the buyers are more inclined towards real total implementation cost, user review, vendor reliability, and a list of features. QuickBooks vs FreeAgent? Are you stuck between the two?


An Introductory Understanding of QuickBooks vs FreeAgent

In order to achieve a competitive edge, your progressive business requires reliable accounting software. However, it is challenging to choose the right option of accounting software for your business. As there are multiple options in accounting software that claim to serve the cause and provide the best solutions to your accounting business.

It becomes confusing to find out what is best for you?

We have got you covered in this article. We are here with a detailed comparison of QuickBooks vs FreeAgent that will narrow down the points and help you make the right choice. However, before we delve into further comparison, let’s have a look at the focused points of today’s discussion which include the following:

  • QuickBooks Explained
  • How Good Is FreeAgent for Your Business?
  • Which Solution Goes Best with Your Business Needs? – QuickBooks vs FreeAgent
  • Final Thoughts


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QuickBooks Explained

QuickBooks is the developed product of Intuit. This is an account software product to modernise the accounting challenges of your business. The efficacy of QuickBooks Accounting software will simplify the prominent accounting challenges, which might include the following:

  • Best focused accounting software product around medium and small businesses.
  • Helps to manage non-accountant tracks as well as financial activities.
  • Organise books and helps you to prepare for tax in a more smart way.
  • This is a cloud-based accounting application.
  • Payroll, bill payments, customer invoices, and other business payments are made easy with the use of QuickBooks.
  • It is a promising software that ensures to fulfil all unique requirements of your business i.e tax compliance, template customisation, receipt management, and inventory tracking.


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How Good Is FreeAgent for Your Business?

When we talk about FreeAgent, it is an accounting package that offers some excellent solutions to small-sized businesses. There are several tools in this app that will track the Cashflow of your small business. The salient features that make FreeAgent a promising account software include the following:

  • Handling payroll, banking, expense tracking, time tracking, sales tax calculations, and invoicing.
  • The prominent feature of FreeAgent is the dashboard that offers real-time analysis of financial status in an error-free manner.
  • A feature Radar will ensure business tracking and a lot more with intelligent insight as well as personalised tips and trend spotting.


Which Solution Goes Best with Your Business Needs – QuickBooks vs FreeAgent

There is no doubt that both the software offer a wide range of accounting solutions and efficient features for your small business. However, the robust toolset offered in QuickBooks is a prominent feature that allows medium and enterprise-level businesses as well.

  • FreeAgent is inclined towards web-based accounting software, however, QuickBooks offers desktop and online packages as well. You can choose a suitable option for your business.
  • The option of desktop software allows better solutions for making multiple company files, shipping and receiving orders, uploading scanning receipts, and inventory tracking.
  • The users can even prepare and view reports in QuickBooks.

Moreover, the decision of choosing your best software product should be directly related to the idea of whether it meets all the unique requirements of your business or not. Don’t get distracted by the easy usage or easy availability of the software.


Final Thoughts

Now that you have developed an understanding of QuickBooks vs FreeAgent, we can sum up the discussion by saying that you must opt for the accounting software keeping in mind the accounting challenges that your business has.

If QuickBooks is the right option that offers solutions to your specific needs of accounting or good business growth, you should choose it right away. This should be hosted in a virtual environment to ensure easy usage, and browser-based access and all devices must have the optimum availability. We hope these few minutes of reading will help to make the right accounting choice for your business.


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Disclaimer: The information about QuickBooks vs FreeAgent provided in this article including text, graphics and images is general in nature and does not intend to disregard any professional advice.


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