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Holiday Entitlement and Pay during COVID-19!

Do you ever wonder that how the salaries and the holiday pay on furlough are dealt with during the pandemic differently? It is definitely different in terms of rules and regulations when we talk about the regular pay guidance and standard holiday entitlement. In today’s guide, we will look into the operating of holiday entitlement and pay rules during pandemic situations.

To develop a better understanding of the legal obligations of workers and the workers who have worked on furlough during a pandemic because of the coronavirus job retention scheme, we will discuss the rules and regulations in general, however, this should not be taken as legal advice. To ensure, an individual must always seek help from individual contracts and independent legal advice.

Further, this article includes the following points of discussion:

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  • Standard Holiday Entitlement
  • Holiday Pay on Furlough Workers during COVID-19
  • The Bottom Line


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Standard Holiday Entitlement:

Every year, almost all the workers whether they are contracted workers or workers on irregular work hours are entitled to a paid holiday of 5.6 weeks legally. However, there is an exception for the workers who are self-employed.

Further, if we discuss the calculation of the holiday entitlement, we see that the split of 5.6 weeks is taken like 4 weeks from the EU law and the other 1.6 weeks is entitled from the UK law. There is a contractual holiday entitlement holiday which is offered to only the workers who are working on contracts. However, sometimes the employer and the worker both agree to one point and mutually decide to make certain changes in the contract according to their situation. In addition to that, there is no chance that the limit of holiday entitlement can go down from 5.6 weeks.


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Holiday Pay and Furlough Workers during COVID-19:

While we get into the discussion of furloughed workers during pandemics and about their holiday pay rules, the employer should know the calculated pay and rates while they deal with the workers on furlough. In case a worker asks for annual leaves while he is on furlough, the employer is bound to pay the accurate amount according to the current legislation.

However, sometimes the situation is not suitable to ask for leaves because of the pandemic, these annual leaves can be carried forward to the future leaves. In this situation, the employer must know the following factors:

  • The business has a sudden increase in demand due to COVID-19 and the workforce is required even more than before and the leaves can’t be entertained.
  • The physical health of the employees, and the requirement of relaxation and rest.
  • To make the employee agree on taking leave on some other dates in the same year.
  • The consequences of employees going on leaves can have bad impacts on the business and financial health.

Moreover, as an employer, one must ensure that the employees avail themselves of their annual holiday as much as possible and the rest of the leaves are carried forward to the next year. The best practice is to avail the holidays in the year where they relate the most. This practice would be beneficial for both the employees and the employer both.


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The Bottom Line:

Now that you have developed a better understanding of holiday pay on furlough, we can sum up the discussion by saying that furloughed workers do not carry forward their annual leaves in most of the cases, because it is most favourable to avail them during the furlough period. However, they get accurate holiday pay.

We hope this article helped to get your queries answered in a basic way!


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Disclaimer: This article intends to provide general information based on holiday pay on furlough.

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