How To Claim Blind Person’s Allowance

A Basic Guide: How To Claim Blind Person’s Allowance

Do you have someone who struggles with blindness, yet the regular matters of life are a little more challenging for them? We have got you covered here with this simple guide based on how Blind Person’s Allowance works and helps maintain harmony in their lives. This few minutes read will help develop a basic understanding of what this Allowance is all about. Before we start delving into the further discussion, let’s have a look at what we have got covered in this article:

  1. A Basic Understanding of Blind Person’s Allowance
  2. What are the Qualifying Conditions?
  3. Learn to Claim with Us
  4.  The Final Thoughts


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A Basic Understanding of Blind Person’s Allowance

An amount of income is provided to such individuals who are blind to support them in the struggle of life. If you are residing in the UK and suffering from such a struggle, or if you have someone who might need this support. This article is going to be quite a help for you.

This income is earned without any tax payments. The prominent attraction of this Allowance is that it will be a part of your tax-free income.

Moreover, there is another condition known as SSI, Severely Sight Impaired, which is dealt with with the same tax-free Allowance in England and Wales. However, the requirement to avail of this opportunity is to be registered as a blind or SSI person.

A few terms and conditions are explained in the following.

Netherlands and Scotland make it possible to pay such allowances when the blind person:

  1.  It is undoubtedly certified and has a piece of evidence approved by an authentic eye specialist.
  2. They might not be blind, however, their eyesight is too weak to do the work required to be completed with normal eyesight.

This doesn’t matter whether the person is old or young; whosoever will be entitled to Blind Person’s Allowance can get the same amount of income. The question that arises here is the current rate of this Allowance in 2021-22? The updated information about the rate is £2,520.

An example of a blind person who is 58 years with the following details:

  1.  Annual salary: £16,000
  2. Personal Allowance: £12,570
  3. And Blind Person’s Allowance: £2,520

The tax will only be needed to pay £910.


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What are the Qualifying Conditions?

Like every other Allowance, certain claiming conditions must be fulfilled for a seamless process and qualify without trouble. Here is a discussion based on what to do if you are in:

  1. Scotland and Northern Ireland
  2. England and Wales



The condition remains the same in the case of Scotland and Northern Ireland:

The registered blind or SSI is unable to do the essential work for which eyesight is required. Similar evidence from the doctor will work in this case as well.



You have to be registered with the local council and be a certified individual who is blind or suffering from SSI (Severely Sight Impaired). In the other case, the same document from your doctor is doable as well.


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Learn To Claim With Us

Once you are done with the essential part of the process, that is to be certified blind, or you have gathered authentic documents from a doctor to prove that your eyesight is too weak to do the essential work.

The further need is to know that the Allowance is not received to blind individuals automatically, but they have to claim the proper process discussed below for support.

The first need is to reach out to HMRC (HM Revenue and Customs) to make a successful claim.

The best part about the Allowance is that the unused amount can be transferred to the civil partner or the spouse. There is no condition of them being blind people as well. In case both the partners are blind, they can avail of the Allowance by claiming individually.


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Final Thoughts

With the fine development of the understanding of Blind Person’s Allowance, it will undoubtedly be possible to avail the opportunity that can help to ease my financial struggle. However, to ensure seamless working, one must follow the terms and conditions and the documentation discussed above.


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Disclaimer: The information provided in this article based on Blind Person’s Allowance includes graphics, text, and images in general and does not intend to disregard the professional advice.

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