married couple allowance

What are married couples allowance?

From your taxable income, there is an amount that is tax-free against the income tax, this amount is known as allowance. You can avail this amount tax-free each year. This blog post provides a simple guide to married couples allowance, its eligibility criteria, and the limits of this allowance. Let’s find out.


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Married Couple’s Allowance:


This allowance doesn’t increase your gross income rather it reduces the tax bill by 10%. Like if you get £4,250 in the 2021/22 tax year, your tax bill will be reduced by 425 (10% of 4250). 


Use a Married Couple Allowance calculator to find out what you could get.


Currently, in 2021/22, the MCA is around £9,125. However, if your income is above a certain limit, it decreases by £1 for every additional income of £2.


married couples allowance


Eligibility criteria:


To claim this allowance, you need to fulfill the below criteria:

  • You’re married or in civil a partnership and you haven’t used this allowance before
  • You’re living with your partner and spouse
  • From both partners, one was born before 6 April 1935


If you’re born after 1935, you can get a Marriage allowance. 


You can claim this allowance if you’re unable to live with your partner due to the following reasons:

  • Old age or illness
  • Armed forces posting
  • Working away from home
  • Prisoner
  • Training or getting an education


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Married Couples Allowance- Lower and Upper-Income Limits:


MCA is determined by your earnings. The lower limit for MCA is £30,400 in 2021-22. If you’re earning below this amount, you’ll be eligible for the full amount of the allowance. MCA can fall by £1 for every £2 if it crosses a certain threshold. However, many high earners can also qualify for the MCA of a minimum of £3,530.


If your tax bill is too little to use all the married couple’s allowance, you have the choice to transfer the rest of the allowance to your partner.


Quick Wrap Up:

To claim married couples allowance, you should fill out the Married Couple’s Allowance section of the tax return in self-assessment tax returns each year. If not, you should contact HMRC sharing details of the marriage ceremony or details of your spouse.


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Disclaimer: This blog provides a general overview of married couple’s allowance.

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