Print SA302 from HMRC Website

How to Print SA302 from HMRC Website

Buying a house, remortgageing, or applying for a UK visa for your loved one can be a stressful process. For your visa, mortgage, or loan, you will need SA302 from HM Revenue & Customs. If you want to know the right way to print the form, you need to know how to get SA302 on the HMRC website. Back in the day, you would need to call the HMRC and ask for them to send you a printed copy for your lender or home office. This cannot be emailed or faxed, so it relies on the HMRC post, which can take anything up to two weeks.

To make the process easier, HM Revenue & Customs is working with the lenders. Most of the lenders nowadays will accept SA302 produced. Thus, provided by your accountants. Accountants, in practice, usually use commercial software to produce their tax returns. Most of the commercial software has a facility to produce SA302.

If you have filed your tax returns yourself via an online gateway account, You will be able to print them from your online account without having to contact HM Revenue & Customs.

In a nutshell, if you have filed your tax return using:

  • HM Revenue & Customs software can print all HM Revenue & Customs Online Services documents
  • Commercial tools, you can use HM Revenue & Customs Online Services to print a tax year summary. Thus, you need to use your own software to print the tax calculation.

If you can’t access and print online documents or the lender asks for paper copies, Contact the HM Revenue & Customs Self Assessment Helpline, and they will send them to you.


Printing your Self Assessment Documents

Before finding out how to print it you need to know what is SA302SA302 is a statement given by HMRC that provides evidence of your earnings. Here’s Our Step by Step Process to Get Over with Yearly Tax calculations or SA302 and tax overview.


How to  Print Yearly Tax Calculations or SA302

  1. Choose the relevant client.
  2. Follow the link ‘tax return options.
  3. Choose the year from the drop-down menu and select the ‘Go’ button.
  4. Follow the link ‘view calculation’.
  5. The link to follow is ‘view and print your calculation’.
  6. Follow the link ‘print your full calculation’. You can currently view and print for up to 2 years. But this will increase to 3 years from April 2015 and 4 years from April 2016.



If you used commercial software to submit your return, Then you must use that software to print your tax calculation.


How to Print Yearly Tax Overview

  1. Choose the relevant client.
  2. Follow the link ‘view account’.
  3. Follow the link ‘tax years.
  4. Choose the year from the drop-down menu and select the ‘Go’ button.
  5. Follow the link ‘print your Tax Year Overview’. 

You must wait 72 hours after submitting your return until you can print your documents.

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