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Planning to Defer Payroll Tax? There is No Way to Avoid it!

Employers who implement Payroll Tax Deferral will eventually compensate with extra payroll taxes. Better to handle in time than to regret later. There is no escape!

payroll tax deferral

If you own a business entity and have hired employees, this five minutes read will change the way you view payroll tax. In this post we will cover:

  • How to define the importance of payroll?
  • How does Payroll Tax Deferral affect?
  • Increase In Paycheck
  • Personal Income Tax
  • Handling Payroll Tax Deferral

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 How To Define the Importance of Payroll?

Owning a business regardless of big or small scale, the importance of payroll remains constant for any kind of business. Before we dig deeper for the importance and components of payroll, the question arises here: what is payroll?

Generally, payroll is taken as a basic track of holding information company’s employees and their salaries. In actuality, it is way more than just a record of salaries. Payroll is a process, a tangled one that keeps all records of expenses. The major part is the wages paid to the employees, their work benefits, deduction, and income tax details. To fulfill this purpose, there is a payroll team that works with HR and finance for smooth processing. 

Some more important components that come under Payroll Program are:

  • Working Hours
  • Sick Pay Leave
  • Wages and Salaries
  • Overtime Payment
  • Benefits like health insurance, discounts, education assistance and gratuity.
  • Net and gross salary
  • Other Deductions

Several large business entities do not opt for Payroll Tax deferral knowing the fact that in compensation they have to pay extra for deferred taxes. 


How does Payroll Tax Deferral Affect You?

There is a certain extent of annual wages of the employees for whom the payroll tax deferral applies. Usually, it includes the deductions that are made for social security benefits. This liability of the social security fund is fairly divided between the employee and the employer. A certain percentage like split 50:50 for employer- employee obligations and each of them has to pay their part.

Furthermore, employers hold back their part and pay the employee’s portion on their behalf to the HMRC. In case, employers opt not to hold back an employee’s portion for social security tax, the scenario comes under tax deferral. Due to the financial stress in the business world because of COVID – 19, tax deferral is taken as relief in many countries to fight the economic recession. However, this relaxation is not very much appreciated by the most. Reason behind is the temporary boost in wages of employees will do more damage than the expected good. 

The experts view it as a threat to maintain in the future once the pandemic recession is over. 

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Increase In Paycheck:

An employee who earns less than 3000 pounds after two weeks and the employer decides for payroll tax deferral. You might be surprised by the sudden increase in your salary. The employee needs to be aware that the increase is temporary and the same percentage of amount will be deducted to compensate in future. Once your employer is ready to pay back the deferred tax, your salary will be the same as before the increase. 


Personal Income Tax:

The employers are liable to deal with the HMRC for payroll tax, this is why the employee is not expected to do anything different than filing tax returns. Moreover, there is a reconsideration of federal payroll taxes and it is being heard that they are soon to come to an end. 

However, before the implications, this has to go under the process of analyzing and foreseeing the consequences. Because of the shattered social security, critics are of mutual view that this move will cause more damage to society.


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Handling Payroll Tax Deferral:

If you find out that your employer is deferring the payroll tax, the first thing you need to do to save yourself in the future is to keep the temporary increased amount that you’re getting with the salary. So that when the time period of your pay reduction starts, you have the fair balance ground for your expenses. The case goes in your favour if the deferred taxes are written off. Take the savings as a windfall. Otherwise, the wise step of saving the increased amount will be helpful when the time comes to pay the deferral. 

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If you want to hold your grounds with balance and want to protect your future from being affected by Payroll Tax Deferral, plan beforehand as an employee by saving the increased temporary percentage for the time of paying back the deferral.  

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