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Working As a Freelancer? Here Are Tips to Plan Your Working Year!

It is challenging to fill the empty days of the whole year with a smart working plan that increases your chances to become a high flyer. However, before you aim to fly high in the business world, you have to adopt the skills like forward thinkers and plan your year as a Freelancer.

plan your year

You might collaborate in working with a business structure that aims to achieve its own goals designed in the form of an action plan. When you work through the company as a freelancer, you get surprised with the goals of business coming down upon you. 

One thing is for sure that the company is liable to get you acknowledged with your tasks in black and white along with clear deadlines. The management is also accountable to ensure your work efficiency as you adhere to given tasks and meet the deadlines as well. 


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In this article, we will offer you to read a simple step-by-step guide to plan your year as a freelancer. The steps in a single glimpse are attached below for you.

It is suggested to plan the year you are stepping in before the current year comes to an end, this will give you ample time to review your year and make new resolutions to unfold a rewarded year coming ahead. It doesn’t matter if you are new to business or planning with a decade of experience. Planning is as valuable as working to create a history of success

According to research, beforehand planning has been proved to be advantageous in mentioned ways for business.

  • Help to start with a healthier mind in a more organized manner.
  • Noticeable increase in profit margins.
  • Courage to quit on clients that don’t add up to a happy work journey.
  • Focus on room for improvement after reviewing.


Step-by-Step Guide to Plan your Year:

Let’s look into the step-by-step guide to plan your year with the necessary details.

how to plan your year as a freelancer

1- Pen down your Aims:

Usually, finances are called out to be the most important component of the planning, but you always start working through a path with an idea in mind or a dream that you want to make true through working. The first foremost need is to pen down and be self assured that you are investing your time, energies and finances in the right direction. The decisions you are making are actually right for you and you would enjoy working with it. 

If the planning includes compassion , focus and determination all at the same time, often you have realized your dream and decided your path to work for it. You need to chalk out your plan as to what goals you want to achieve from this business. 

Don’t avoid the questions arises in your head like:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • What do you enjoy doing more?
  • Do you need to quit on certain practices?


2- Set-up your Calendar:

In the world of media, a commonly used calendar form is an online calendar. There are many interactive calendars available these days that can be reached out and modified according to your work requirements any time. The access is easy which makes them handy and approachable through handy gadgets. The purpose behind setting-up the calendar is to plan your year in the most organized manner. 

Major events and even day-to-day planning can look easy through these tools. Also, interactive calendars provide services like early reminders to keep a track of what is important coming ahead. In short, it works as an organizer for you to plan your year.


3- Plan Events for Exposure:

While working to plan your year as a freelancer, give serious attention to major events that will give you exposure and growing opportunities. This could be any stall to any major event that will offer you to introduce your product or services to a large crowd. 

Freelancers must ensure such events do not clash with the regular work as these would be reasons to give professional development and increase in earnings eventually. Besides planning, this is a learning opportunity to organize yourself and work design in such a way that while working for a present, you are ready to build on your available resources.


4- Medium Term Planning:

There are two types of planning that most business structures are required to design before they initiate their new business year.

  • Long Term Planning
  • Short term Planning

Annual planning is long term and on a broader spectrum, it is usually factored based on major parts. In the process of planning, short term or medium term planning is neglected where often the unpredicted circumstances can move deadlines forward or backward due to unforeseeable circumstances. At times, this feeds the workload to increase and if you have no such strategy to avoid chaos and manage the situation, this will lead to immediate put down on your clients. 


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5- Downtime Needs:

Clients often confuse the factor of downtime for a freelancer. The clients or the company you work through need to have clear communication about your rights for holidays at the start of the business year. Since, the freelancers work like other employees and deserve some downtime just like them. 

You must plan your year as a Freelancer keeping in mind the human needs to have holidays and this should not affect your work deadlines. This should be planned and conversed at the beginning of the business year in order to avoid ugly debates when you intend to avail the deserved holidays.



To conclude the discussion, we can say that to plan your year as a freelancer is the integral part to be focused before implementing your business skills to initiate a new business year. The process comes with its benefits and is said to be challenging for new freelancers. 

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